10 Worst and Surprisingly Popular Venues for First Dates

After reading numerous accounts and engaging in cringeworthy, funny and sometimes bewildering discussions, we finally have a list of the 10 worst yet surprisingly popular venues for first dates!

Worst First Date Venues

If there is one reoccurring factor that has made our decisions particularly difficult to make throughout our lives, it has to be the fact that we have ‘choices’ to begin with. Being a regular visitor of LA LA LAND, let me just tell you that falling in love is easy, but sustaining it is quite difficult. What makes it difficult are the decisions that one needs to make at every step. Be it the decisions of marrying your partner, having a child, financial investments / commitments or a much simpler decision that comes about much earlier on, like deciding a venue for your first date. Sometimes, it's the simpler decisions that are harder to make since we have the choice of various options. 

It’s human nature to greet a person with immense respect and courtesy when the initial attraction is mutual and you are meeting for the first time. Generally, you always try to be the best version of yourself. Going out 'officially' on a date, and particularly the first date, is always special. However, what really makes it special is you. Aside from yourself, a lot also depends on where you are going and with whom you are going. Therefore, I thought it was time to get this out in the open once and for all! These are the top 10 WORST venues for going out on your first date. 

Awkward Moment Cinema

1. Movie Theatres

Dates are always about getting to know each other and not about watching a Friday night blockbuster movie (we have Netflix and other options for that). If there would have been an official scale from 0 - 10, movie dates would have scored the worst in terms of 'social interaction'. Also, many couples have opened up about the awkward eye-contact that they had to face during their first date when intimate scenes were being played on the screen. According to them, that moment was just disastrous. So yeah, beware of that.


Awkward Home First Date

2. Risqué Home Invitations

Leaving aside your hygiene score (if there is one), calling your love interest to your house for a first date may make you look like a creep. Actually, that's highly likely. You may have noble intentions but since the ‘what if' thoughts of first dates always play with a person’s mind, your date might not take your invitation to your place in a positive way. 


giphy (20).gif

3. Typical Cliché Restaurant

You need to accept that this idea has been used the most and and will always be the 'go to' option for most of society. Hence, it will be quite expected of you from your partner. The idea of your first date is to express and not impress. No teddies, groups of violinists and expensive champagne can express your love as compared to the simple and honest ‘3 magical words’ do, and that is – SPLIT THE BILL (lol). Seriously though, it's about the personal touch and engaging with each other not buying each others' affections with expensive meals.


Couple at Amusement Park

4. Amusement Parks

There are different definitions of ‘fun as you grow older. The kind of fun that you want to have on your first date is quite different than the kind of fun that a group of kids (aged 5-12) have for themselves. Having kids around you in an Amusement Park is quite obvious. There is always a moment in the first date when couples start to enjoy the silence, leading up to a potentially magical and romantic encounter only to have these mischievous kids killing the mood and ruining the perfect moment. Can you afford to lose that?


Couple laying on beach

5. Sandy Beaches

You might have heard a lot about how romantic the beach walks are where you can see the sun taking a dip in the ocean. However, you should also know that there can also be someone else coming out from the sea in a hot bikini, swim suit or swimming shorts that can just mesmerise you with their hotness. It’s human nature to turn around to take a look at or 'just happen to notice' something beautiful, hot or sexy. Doing something like this on your first date can be hazardous, particularly when the person you're drooling over ISN'T your date. So it’s better not to do it, by simply not visiting a place that happens to have such scantily clad, sexy people around you. 



6. Night Clubs

Another place where people are always looking for an opportunity. The possibility of someone else hitting on your date is quite high and you potentially getting into a brawl is much higher than that. Your first date is meant to be special and memorable. Don’t make it one for the wrong reasons. Also, just like how I mentioned in the previous point, stay away from the places that happen to have a lot of attractive people around you. On top of that, the loud music of DJ won’t help you to have meaningful conversations. It will seem again, like you're looking for an excuse to get immediately intimate. 


Awkward Family Dinner

7. Family Dinners

Apart from the fact that family gatherings can be awkward AF, taking your partner to a family dinner may make her / him a lot more nervous because it’s not just you, but your whole family who will be judging them. Trust me; people can do some weird stuff when they become nervous. Also, it can become a doomsday for you if your grandmother somehow happens to recollect the names of all your past girlfriends in front of your current date and particularly, on your first date. It's about the one-on-one social interaction, not introducing someone who you are not even officially dating yet to the family and seeing how they interact. For most people, that would feel like you are massively rushing things and throwing them into the deep end. Not cool. The chances are you probably wouldn't see them again either.


dinosaur museum mexico

8. Museum Vists

I'm not a superstitious person, but it might be a 'bad omen' to start off your love life by spending time among dead fossils. Even the dead show no interest in your love life for the obvious reason (cuz they're dead). The only possible thing that can be romantic about a museum is an early creation of ‘The Kamasutra Book’ or ancient statues depicting those elaborate sex positions. Even then, they can also be as embarrassing as having your porn history show up in front of your love interest on the first date. I don't doubt it's happened to someone out there!


Grave Encounters Movie Ghost

9. Haunted Places

Yes, I know that the idea of sensuality and fear is a hit combo, but since it’s your first date, try not to become a ‘ghostbuster’ but just simply act like a normal human being. Haunted places can be situated far away from the mainstream city or in the countryside which can be dangerous for couples at times, especially during the nights where you won’t find help even if you ask or beg for it. Plus this suggestion probably won't make your date feel at ease, especially if you are still fairly unknown to them or if you just spring it on them out of nowhere. Being in a place that isn't so public and where anything can happen will understandably put some people on edge. Maybe don't take the ouija board either?


Couple in Car

10. Long Drive Dates

The idea of a long drive date may seem very romantic only if:-
   A - You are talented enough to sit back in one single position for the whole time.
   B - Have a multitude of interesting things to talk about.
C - Can find a magical and unique way to make your love interest feel special.
  D – Are somehow able to drive while doing all the above simultaneously.
One should drive responsibly and having your mind diverted into something as complicated as love with your crush whilst driving can put you both in danger. 


The reality is choices are always subjective and hence, what you like may not necessarily be liked by someone else. You may actually like these venues for dates; however, there are also other people who probably won’t find it to be great or far from idyllic. As a person and a writer for BURN THE NIGHT, I don’t mean to offend someone who happens to have a strong connection with these places. 

Dating is a complicated labyrinth; we are living on a planet with a population of more than 7 billion people that probably have at least 14 billion opinions on every single damn thing. It’s complex but what it's actually about is simple; love. People would beg to differ with some of the above. The venues that I have highlighted were selected through numerous peoples' opinion and discussion. However, on a personal note, my first date with the love of my life was in a METRO STATION and it's still going strong today. If you are honest and loyal to your love, external factors like venues, dress codes and occasions don’t hold much meaning. At the end, it’s just you and them. So go out and express your emotions and don’t worry too much about – well anything. Just be yourself, be genuine and let the connection form naturally.


Written by Devashish Bhuyan for Burn the Night

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