Harmony Reigns: Adult Performer Spotlight

Over the last four years, Harmony Reigns has featured in a number of British and American adult film scenes. 

After bumping into Harmony at the 2016 PRP Awards, were lucky enough to interview her for our first official IGNITE Exclusive!

Photo credit: Harmony Reigns.

Photo credit: Harmony Reigns.


Hi Harmony, thank you for joining us today. Happy New Year! How did you celebrate your festive holidays?

I spent mine curled up on my sofa with my cats watching movies... sad I know lol but I've had the flu so I didn't really have much choice!


Oh no! Sorry to hear that, we hope you recover soon. You’re an adult performer that has quickly made a name for yourself, what would you say was your career highlight has been so far?

I would probably have to say winning 'Newcomer of the Year' at the PRP Awards... I started in 2012 but only really got recognised and achieved that win in 2015. Those 3 years finally paid off; it was a good feeling.


I can imagine and it was well deserved! You’re known for your killer curves and big blue eyes, but what asset would you pride yourself on that most people may not necessarily see or cannot see visually?

My positivity.... no matter what happens in life or around me, I always keep my head up and think positive thoughts at all times :)


That's a great mindset and one that a lot of people could take inspiration from. Last time we spoke, you told us that your own website is debuting very soon, could you tell us a little bit about it and what fans can expect to find?

Yeah sure; its www.gothicglam.com which is predominantly based around my deep, dark fantasies. There's a lot of things I've yet to do / always wanted to do within the industry and I feel that this site has given me the opportunity to bring those fantasies to life. As well as give fans a more in depth and personal look into myself and what I really enjoy.


Ultimately, you’re a girl who knows what she wants! What requirements do you have when deciding what scenes you would like to shoot or are willing to shoot?

In all honesty, I'm a big believer in 'don't knock it till you try it'. I'm fairly open to trying new things and scenarios so I rarely ever turn a scene down unless it requires anal; that's not a level I'm ready for just yet!


Understandable, no performer should shoot content they aren't ready to. So what would your ultimate fantasy scene or feature length production consist of?

I would love to do a 'Sons of Anarchy' parody or a 'Blade' /  'Queen of the Damned' inspired vampire type scene.


Are there any producers, performers and / or film studios you’ve been wanting to work with?

I wouldn't turn down a blacked scene; they look like fun ;) oh and Kink, I love them. I think they'd deffo push my limits (in a good way) and make me experience things I didn't even know my body could handle!


We can see from your tattoos that music is a big part of your life, is there any specific genres that appeal to you most?

I love RNB and Soul; love songs mainly. I'm fairly soppy when it comes to music!


As a bisexual performer, what is it that turns you on most about working with members of the same sex and / or both sexes?

I love beautiful women; nice tits and pretty lips get me all the time!


As an adult performer that also is a cam model, what do you think about the ongoing rivalry between the two sectors?

I wasn't aware there was a rivalry as I feel they both add something completely different to the industry... I have fun doing both. Films allow me to play different roles; which is exciting! I also get to travel the world working with some awesome people. With webcamming, I get to know my fans on a more personal level... for me I feel they both compliment each other.


Finally, what are your dreams, aspirations or hopes for the future?

Well, I'm hoping my website will do well and I give the fans exactly what they want. I want to make them happy and I have hopes to one day film with more American productions. Hey, who knows, maybe I could get nominated for an AVN Award one day. That would be amazing!

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