Ava Austen: Adult Performer Spotlight

Once again we decided to spoil our readers with a juicy feature on another starlet that you may have seen in numerous productions, as well as competing in MMA-XXX...

Check out this killer interview with the tattooed minx that is Ava Austen!

Ava Austen

Hey Ava, thanks for joining us today and taking time out of your business schedule. You’ve become a well known face in the UK adult industry, how have you found your experience over the last few years?

I've found it to be a very exciting one! I've gained a lot of experience in the last 4 and a half years as an adult performer, and think I've developed my own style.


From what we've seen from some of your scenes, we'd have to agree! You're well known for creating your own online content as well as working with big name studios such as Television X, FakeTaxi, Marc Dorcel, Brazzers etc. What are the main perks of this?

I love making my own content. That's mostly what I started out doing. When you have a friend that gets you in to the industry, they're like 'we'll try making a movie with me first, and if you like it, you can try other things' so that's exactly what I did! The fantastic Louise Jenson got me in to this naughty world. A month later, I was shooting my debut scene in the industry. It was for Playboy, shot by Liselle Bailey & Trashmeister back in 2012.

The main perks of making my own content is that I get to pick and choose scenarios and who I work with. As for the main perk of shooting with big companies / production teams, it's working with some real dream teams! Always a fun day on set! It's also exciting receiving new challenges and putting across a professional performance from my side of things.

Amazing. There's nothing like having industry friends to vouch for your talents ;) I can imagine working with some of the biggest productions in the biz must be exciting! Plus also having the ability to shoot content completely of own choosing sounds like you're experiencing the best of both worlds. Win, win!


Now in regards to your physical attributes... As a tattooed female adult performer without any surgical enhancements, do you feel this gives you a unique appeal for your fans?

It's definitely unique. There's not too many other non enhanced tattooed girls in the UK. I think sadly enough though, the tattoos are a hinderance when it comes to getting cast by certain companies. However, I'm a firm believer that my real fans will follow me no matter what! It also gives me the extra drive to produce my own content, showing that I'm a capable performer who loves her job. I can still be sensual and erotic regardless of having vibrant art on my body.

Hear, hear! It's surprising that in this day and age it's still an issue as there some amazing tattooed performers in the industry that are making some serious waves, more so in the US. I guess it's all the more reason to promote equality and to continue the battle against stereotyping!


This topic brings me nicely to my next question, what would you say are your key attributes that people won’t necessarily see visually?

Good Question! I'd like to say I'm hiding a Law Degree or something, but it's just not the case :) but I'm happy with that. I've always had my heart set on doing something creative, and here I am!

I come across as brash and harsh sometimes on social media, but push the right buttons and I am a huge softy. Especially if you have 4 legs and a bushy tail! Ha ha. Animals are sometimes better than humans! I love easily.

Creativity is good for the soul and not something to be ashamed of. Aww! It sounds like beneath that hardcore exterior there's a sensitive, sweet interior. An animal lover too? How cute!


As a model who regularly uses SnapChat, how do you find this as a tool for engaging with fans? Also how does it differ between other social platforms?

I like fans to get an insight into my personality and every day life. I have Snapchat for that purpose, although there's no interaction like on twitter. I do offer a premium account where they can contribute a small one off fee, so they can chat and see some naughty stuff. That's real good fun! I think Twitter is my biggest, most successful platform though.

With nearly 92K followers, it makes a lot of sense! It's great that you engage with your fans and understand the importance their support.


We’re also aware that you are a big hit in the cam world, do you have any advice for those considering getting into cam work? 

Be yourself! Nothing worse than a fake cam girl!

You make an excellent point Ava, people want to see your personality as much as they want to see your body. Let it shine through! 


As an adult performer who shoots Girl / Girl regularly as well as Boy / Girl. Do you have a preference?

For me, it's all down to the performer. You know when you meet them at the beginning of the day if you're going to get on or not. I get my best scenes out of other performers who are open and chatty.

I always thought that there has to be a certainly level of genuine chemistry or comradery to get the most out of a scene. Thanks for confirming that notion! 


So what’s the wildest project you’ve worked on so far?

I guess shagging in a taxi a few times a month in all temperatures ranging from -2°C to - 30°C is a bit wild! I'm still enjoying it a year on and think I'm making it my own little thing.

How in the hell do you cope with being naked when it's -30°C outside?! You're next level hardcore. Talk about dedication to the cause!


I saw that you recently posted a foot fetish video where you were displaying some real flexibility! Do you often get requests for BDSM type content, if so what kind and does it appeal to you personally?

Mainly foot fetish videos and then a bit of 'Mistress Ava' on webcam. I don't get too much work in that area. I like girls feet! But men's feet don't appeal to me!

Oooh! Mistress Ava sounds intriguing!


In regards to your future, what are your dreams, aspirations or hopes?

I do hope that some production companies will change their stance on shooting tattooed female performers. People watching porn these days want more variation, and as tattoos are more common both inside and outside of porn, it seems like a natural progression.

A far away thought would be that I'd love to take that matter in to my own hands and get a website for alternative women.

That sounds like a great idea Ava. Who knows it could be the UK equivalent to 'Burning Angel'. From what I've read, Joanna Angel also felt that void in the industry and decided to do just that. I have no doubts that you could do it too!


To conclude this interview with your lovely self, do you have any exclusive info / upcoming news?

Any news will be posted on my twitter. For any fans of my ink, I have an upcoming project - I'm getting another full sleeve! Watch this space :)


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