Man Caught on CCTV Having Sex With a Car in Czech Republic

Just when we thought the news stories for the week couldn't get any more bizarre, alas we were wrong! A man was caught a couple of days ago on CCTV cameras in a car park 'getting himself off via a blue Skoda.

Image composition: SUWALLS.

Image composition: SUWALLS.

According to the Mirror, this isn't the first incident with the man in question; there's been several reports of a male getting 'jiggy' with parked cars in the area. Which of course, sparked the request for media outlets to warn local drivers. The owner of the vehicle is hoping this will act as a deterrent against potential future incidents in the area.

Motorists in the Czech Republic are being warned to be on the lookout for a man who has sex with CARS. The petrolhead has been caught on camera a number of times apparently getting intimate with parked vehicles.

Though no harm has come to the car or car owner in question, it really does come down to common courtesy and respect for the owners not masturbate in to or on their cars. After all, who do you think will have to clean up afterwards if there's any missed 'leakages'

Unusual? Yes. A one off? Not at all.

While this case might be funny and / or strange to viewers, albeit a somewhat niche and small community, there are more people with Objectophilia than you think.  

What is Objectophilia?

It's a psychological phenomena in which people are strongly sexually attracted to, and often accompanied by feelings of adoration or even love towards an in-animate object. We even reported just earlier this week that the man advocating the anti-porn legislation in Utah, Chris Sevier, wants to marry his laptop and has made several appeals to the courts to make it legal and official.

While many Objectophiliacs recognise that their passion for their given object is not overly common, interviews suggest that they don't tend to class it as a kink or fetish. Some class it as a form of sexual orientation. Others simply say that it's 'love not lust' driven. Either way, it's definitely an interesting subject of discussion and one that journalists and behavioural therapists could explore further.

From a woman falling in love with a fairground ride, to a man claiming that he has had over 1,000 sexual partners but only one of them that was human. These are ten individuals that are in love with in-anime objects.

Many psychotherapists and clinical researchers argue that in many such instances, the individual also exhibits behaviours that reflect a form of Autism or Asperger's Syndrome. However, it would seem that there are many variables that have to be taken into consideration in regards to people forming these types of attractions or emotional connections; it can happen later on in life as a fully-fledged adult or even in the early years of childhood.

Also there is a danger with any form of labelling and / or stereotyping that we may make generalisations that really do not correspond with the individual. After all, our experiences are different from one another. Open discussion would be a step in the right direction between healthcare professionals and Objectophiliacs, however it is vital that assumptions or personal prejudices are put to one side to identify the individual factors involved.

Just food for thought. What are your opinions on this story?