it'sAdult: Online Service Spotlight

Naturally, we just had to feature the online resource founded by those who graciously welcomed us into the industry. This week's feature is on the UK's leading adult industry resource; it'sAdult!

Founded in late 2015, it'sAdult has already become THE go-to-site for all info on B2B adult industry events, news, interviews, legislation, services and more throughout the UK.

We caught up with Terry Stephens, Chairman of UKAP to give those new to the website a bit more information about what the resource platform provides:

" is a one stop shop for all your adult industry needs. It is tailored specifically to the content production sector and has a directory to centralise and verify producers, performers, services, and provides resources such as news, advice and information about events in one place."

Catering specifically to those who operate within the UK adult industry, it'sAdult helps you to gain access to the tools you need to establish yourself as a professional freelancer or business operator as well as hire or network with those suited to your projects. As Terry explains, it's an elaborate network of individuals and businesses rather than an online directory:

The site is free to sign up to and is powered by the knowledge base harnessed from UKAP members and affiliates. We are the only directory that actually lives up to what it claims: knowing all the producers currently active in the UK as well as having contacts in the UK, Europe and the USA. What we found in the past is that most directories lack the foundation and community that UKAP has created over the 12 years since it began. We are in the business of connecting the community and we do it free of charge unlike the platforms that require an admin fee as a condition of their service.

It was clear to us upon meeting and connecting with those operating it'sAdult that, like ourselves, they are keen to bridge the gap between all those working in adult and to establish an indisputable legitimacy to UK operations. The industry is a colourful one and has all the potential to grow a community that works for all who care about ethics, standards and sexual freedom.

Their mission is simple: "To make a better industry for everyone to work in and serve as a commercial outlet for its members."

We are driven by the UK Adult Producers association and its affiliate services to raise the standards across the board where health & safety standards and ethics are part of its members duty of care. Also to create employment for those in the adult industry community by creating events as a means to facilitate connections. This also means engaging with companies and independent producers and services such as clinics, billing processors and similar services to engage and improve conditions for the adult industry sector. The goal is to unite the industry in order to create a stronger platform so that we can effectively deal with the issues that affect us daily.
Screen grab from the it'sAdult website.

Screen grab from the it'sAdult website.

So how did it all come into fruition? We already knew it'sAdult was the brainchild of key, long standing UKAP members but we didn't know exactly how it was conceived. Luckily, Terry elaborated on this:

"The directory was devised as a solution to a long standing problem facing producers since 2007; with 'no shows' and models not taking the business seriously. Models also complained about fake social media profiles, so the idea of a directory was the solution we came up with to remedy those problems. It was also felt that many in our line of business did not know what was going on outside of what they were doing themselves, which was a main cause of negative energies and distrust. We had to offer a resource whereby anyone could come and get this information, especially where legislative changes where concerned as well as create a reliable service where performers could get remunerated a decent rate in exchange for their services."
"The site also provides added tools with webcamming, phone chat, video clips and images by using your social media. If you do not have a site then Horny Designs can put one together with all the tools to work seamlessly with your signing up to

The main contributors are Ben Clark who is responsible for web coding across the entire platform, Terry Stephens who obtains information, news and media for the resource and Paul Taylor who oversees the moderation process of all new sign ups to ensure they are who they say they. He also assists with providing advice to ensure that members are able to maximise their work opportunities and realise their full potential.

There you have it, the three musketeers that keeps it'sAdult ticking over.

As we mentioned, as well as providing these services, the resource is actively involved in the organisation of many UK industry events. For example:

" is involved with the UKAP Awards and various adult industry related screenings along with Q&As and B2B/ B2C events where our members can meet us in person and network with others in the UK adult industry.
Some of the screenings and Q&As we have done were The UnSlut Project to discuss the effects of cyber bullying with a mixed audience made up of the public and journalists. Cam Girlz gave us a first hand insight to the world of webcamming. Respectable: The Mary Millington Story addressed history repeating itself and what models could learn from others' experiences in the past and apply them to the present. We will continue this trend by screening Sexposed; a made for TV programme showcasing the adult industry and lifestyles, promoting those involved to a wider audience in the hope that it will provide better understanding and tolerance of a business often demonised. We will be working more closely with the mainstream to offer alternative work for those in our business who have crossed over occasionally and got well paid for it also."

Communicating with the public and offering opportunities to directly discuss these topics with those working in the adult industry is crucial in order to remove the stigma that producers and performers alike often face. By humanising the industry, demonstrating the challenges it faces as well as laying down the foundations to create a safer, more respected industry we would gain a significant increase in public support and thus giving us a stronger bases to challenge lawmakers who seek to erase sexual freedoms, committee-level support and safety measures. Not only this, but it provides newcomers with much needed information to reduce the potential hazards and risks that come with starting a career in adult. 

All in all, the work that it'sAdult, UKAP and activist groups are doing across the UK for the betterment of the industry will ultimately save it from becoming dismantled. It's imperative that all industry operatives show their support for such practises and adopt these approaches to adult work so that we can create a fun, inclusive and safe environment for all.


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