Lazeeva: Lifestyle Brand Spotlight

We've been looking forward to sharing this feature all week! Lazeeva are a company after our own heart as you will soon discover for yourself.

Lazeeva App Store

"We aim to become an aspirational lifestyle brand that breaks through the boundaries of adult into the mainstream across our 2 pillars: SexTech and Sexy Lifestyle."

After several communications with brand representatives, we can say without a doubt that this company means business! So what is their business? Your pleasure.

We caught up with one of Lazeeza's Co-Founders, Nico Hribernik, to give us more insight into the brand and what it represents for their target market.

"Lazeeva is a sexy Lifestyle-Concept that adds positive pleasure to our every-day lives through innovative and attractive products, events and services.
Our first tangible product is the Lazeeva App Store - an Android marketplace featuring erotic mobile apps that are of high-quality, state-of-the art and always of positive content.
Besides the Lazeeva App Store we run a weekly radio show live from Ibiza and release playlists and compilations under the label Lazeeva Vibes spreading an acoustic translation of a positive and sexy lifestyle."

Sounds intriguing right? Naturally, Lazeeva caught our attention as innovative, fresh concept brands do. After all, here at IGNITE / Burn the Night, we are always looking to connect with forward thinking individuals. Then there's the music, ah sweet music, as you've probably seen music is huge part of our interests, so as soon as we became aware of Lazeeva Vibes we just had to know more about this brand!

The App Store

The Lazeeva app store has great functionality which makes it easy to navigate through, plus the sublime, modern graphics is nothing short of eye-candy. There are multiple apps to choose from depending on the kind of content you are seeking, as Nico explains:

"Our main product: Lazeeva App Store, can be downloaded by any Android device via Our app store's user experience is benchmarked against those of Google Play or the Apple App Store. Users can browse native mobile apps from a range of categories: from adult video streaming, galleries, mobile games, sex toy remote controls all the way to virtual reality films and live-camming apps. In contrast to other adult app stores, Lazeeva offers a completely secure, discreet and attractive experience."

"The most perceivable that differentiates our app store from other adult app store is its look and feel and overall user experience, which is optimized according to user preference, content quality (all hand-picked) and privacy."

In an era that has seen a significant rise in cyber hacking and malware infections that are being spread through mobile apps, it is brilliant to know that Lazeeva invests time and resources into ensuring that their store is secure and that user privacy is maintained throughout. There are some ingenious ways that Lazeeva has incorporated this into their app store service:

"The idea was to provide the same experience a user would get or expect from Google or Apple - just with a more sexy app portfolio and in greater privacy.
Therefore we implemented the 3 x Privacy Protection:
• Users can camouflage the Lazeeva app icon on their phone home screens.
• Users can restrict access to Lazeeva app store with a 4-digit passcode.
• All downloaded adult apps do not show up on their phone's homescreen but can only be accessed from a secret app-shelf inside the Lazeeva app store itself.
Therefore users can enjoy adult content without any second thoughts."

Of course I had to try some of these out for myself and sure enough, all those parameters are in place. I was highly impressed with this level of forward thinking as it allows customers to engage with the content they enjoy as and when they wish to without having to worry about prying eyes discovering something fun and naughty on their home screens.

The first thing you'll find upon downloading the app, is a beautiful Lazeeva splash page, demonstrating their high-end and attractive branding. The step-by-step guide makes the set up process so quick and simple, which already gives them a gold star for accessibility. It's very responsive, the terminology is easy to understand and navigating through the store to find what's available is effortless.

Once you are all set, you will see a section on the Lazeeva Pearls. The easy and secure way to purchase content on the app store:

"All transactions on Lazeeva are secured through a virtual token-system: Lazeeva Pearls. This means that users never share their payment information with third-party app publishers and so that all payments are executed centrally through Lazeeva - secure and discreet. Moreover, this also decreases the transaction cost for publishers as it does not come on top of the revenue share with Lazeeva as it is already covered by it."

Great for the users, great for the publishers.


CAM4VR Virtuality Reality App on Lazeeva App Store.

CAM4VR Virtuality Reality App on Lazeeva App Store.

The Customers

So now you know more about Lazeeva's App Store and the categories of content that can be discovered. Let's delve a little deeper into it's audiences:

"We specifically target women and couples as well as men who favour high-quality and positive adult content over free, quick and ethically disrespectful alternatives. Our leading principle is that every content featured on Lazeeva is applicable to be consumed by women or together as a couple.

On publisher side of things, we invite all producers, webmasters and brand-owners who stand for positive and high-quality adult content, erotic commerce or dating/ live-cam categories and look for new incremental revenue streams as well as younger mobile-first target groups.

Further more, all apps listed on Lazeeva are approved by a female panel consisting of adult and tech experts to ensure the Lazeeva message is delivered."

This is exactly the impression we got from navigating through the app store. The branding is clearly couples-orientated and geared around archetypal feminine sensibility i.e. sensuality, connection and passion. The fact that a female force largely makes up the Lazeeva team means that there is finally an app store catering to what women ACTUALLY want as well as couples and discerning men.

Lazeeva logo

The Team

It is evident that their mission is close to own and thus we want to support them in their quest to 'bringing sexy back' to adult. Speaking of the Lazeeva team, let's share a little more about their background:

"We are three founders with very diverse backgrounds; from startups, venture capital, financial structuring to brand management. Our original idea was to design, build and grow a lifestyle brand that combines technological innovation with a positive and sexy mindset. After having defined and designed the brand strategy and DNA, we used it as key-hook for our Seed-Funding Pitch; given it is the pivot for any product or service launch planned in the future. By December 2015 we closed our seed-round with smart investors from the adult industry, incorporated in Germany and subsequently built and launched our first product Lazeeva App Store in July 2016."

Exciting times are ahead of the company and with the desire to explore the areas of sex tech, music and events, we are bound to see some interesting new developments.


Exclusive Info

So where are Lazeeva headed next? "In the 2nd half of 2017, we will roll-out our marketing into regions outside of Germany / Austria / Switzerland and kick-off our lifestyle concept in Ibiza."

España is very close to our heart due our ties to the beautiful Málaga. We are very keen to see Lazeeva's developments Ibiza side as well as throughout Europe as a whole.

The kind reps of Lazeeva have given us exclusive promo-codes for you to try out their apps!

Just enter these codes in the promo codes box on the pearls purchasing section: 

  •  NEVA

Et voila! You will have some free pearls in your account to test out some of the apps available!

Pretty amazing right?!

Visit their website to download this amazing app store, you won't be disappointed!


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