Kinkycamdom: Online Service Spotlight

There's a new webcam service in town and it's KINK-tastic. We'd like to introduce you to our new leather and latex-clad friends, Kinkycamdom!


"The very first ever no holds barred juicy exclusive from The Kinkycamdom Team." - Miss Ems

The internet has become a sexy haven for online adult services such as webcam platforms. In just the last 5 years alone, there has been a substantial boom in webcam websites. Big operators such as MyFreeCams, LiveJasmin and CamSoda has taken the naughty side of the net by storm. However, there appears to be very few that are tailored around more... specific tastes.

This is where Kinkycamdom comes in...

We recently had the chance to catch up with one of the founders, Miss Ems. We'd thought we'd let the Queen Bee tell you what Kinkycamdom is from her own luscious lips:

"Firstly we would like to thank you for the opportunity to feature on your site and for all of your support from the start of our new adventure; it is very much appreciated.

Right here, right now: we are primarily a kinky live webcam site. We offer customers access to chat and watch live adult models / performers, via interactive webcam video-chats. You can use our service on a free chat basis or alternatively, for a more personal and intimate session, you can pay for private one-to-one webcam sessions. The choice is yours."

So what makes Kinkycamdom different to other provides, you ask?

"Wow!! This is where the fun begins… to start with we have no niche so to speak. We are unlike most cam companies that only ask for certain criteria of models, we cater for everyone and all tastes. We want to develop a cam site that will welcome all webcam models; from the non-nude models that just enjoy a kinky chat to the extreme BDSM Fetish Mistress, that loves nothing more than humiliating her sissy slaves online. We cater for all, we are not shy and we do not discriminate. If you enjoy using a cam and chatting to people, there will be a category you fit into with the Kinky cams and if there isn’t; we will create one. We are all different and we all have different wants, needs and desires. We hope to eventually offer something for everybody. We are also one of the very few cam sites that offer the capability of broadcasting live shows from your mobile device. This opens up a whole new world for cam models. Customers can also watch live shows directly on their mobile device with ease. We also offer a cam-split through our software which broadcasts all shows to over 60 other sites, this boosts models income greatly and that’s just the start." 


Kinky, innovative and diverse. 

This is exactly the kind of forward thinking that's putting several new adult businesses on the map. In an ever growing market, it is essential to cater for different needs and to promote the idea of 'variety is the spice of life'. The 'one fit for all' model doesn't work and it's those that adopt this new approach that will ultimately revolutionise the industry. 

At a time where legislators are trying to suppress the public from engaging in their own kinks and preferred interests online, this is exactly the kind of service people would be willing to get behind and support. 

"With our BDSM services, the list is endless other than real time sessions. However, in light of recent events with people and friends already within the fetish and kink area of the adult industry, some services can no longer be advertised. Our recommendation is to go and visit one of the live cam sessions with the BDSM models they will be able to take you to depths you could never imagine, and help you explore your fantasies whatever your fetish may be."

It's becoming more and more evident that the lines between sexual orientation and exploration is far more blurred than people initially thought. As more people embrace their sexual curiosity, businesses will need to also evolve as our understanding on sexuality does. 

It appears that Kinkycamdom already have this in mind as a key aspect in their customer service deliverance. 


The early beginnings

Kinkycamdom was founded by two experienced individuals in the adult industry; both passionate and dedicated to the cause. One of the founders use to run several successful escorting agencies back in the 1990's before selling them and moving abroad to warmer shores. It seemed their thirst for entrepreneurialism never left and sure enough, they came back to start a new venture! The other being "the main kinkster with the technical know-how, years of experience with whips and rope and you can guess what happened next..." and there we have it. The perfect partnership!

Did you know that Kinkycamdom wasn't actually the first proposed project between the two founders? 

"Kinkycamdom is actually a bi-product of an original passion and project that is being worked on behind the scenes as we speak. When we were thinking of names for the new venture, we came up with a variety of choices; Kinkycamdom along with a few others were some that stood out. We knew this would work for a cam company at a later date, so we decided to buy the name and shelf it until we were ready to use it.
Unfortunately our original idea has been set back due to the law changes in the last few years, and we are currently looking at which country we can base the original project from. Due to this fact, Kinkycamdom has been born slightly early. After a very strange pool party on the beautiful and epic island of Corfu, and some informative conversations, we decided to bring Kinkycamdom to life. We've been testing the waters, ready for the daddy to be unleashed!"

The Webcam Models

Contrary to popular belief, the demand for gender diversity amongst cam services is growing exponentially. We asked Kinkycamdoms if they themselves found this to be the case in regards to their own platform:

"YES YES and YES! This is a great time for male and trans models to start within the camming world. Finally, the boundaries have been broken and transgender individuals, amongst others, are finding the freedom to express themselves fully within the industry and we would love more to join our site. We have found, although our customer base is predominantly male, that we do have more women enjoying the experience too. We also have a large number of men that enjoy talking, exploring and watching other males and trans models perform."

As we read from the Founders' own words, diversity and an open door policy is of great importance to them. All models are age verified, but as for other parameters, Kinkycamdom welcomes "sissies, males, couples, LGBT, fetishists, BDSM enthusiasts.... there is no set criteria, as long as applicants are over the age of 18 and can provide photo ID, they are welcome to webcam with us. All newbies are offered full support from day one. You will be guided into the fun that is the live cam world. Any one of you could be the next XXX star."

When it comes to the performances themselves, what a cam model is prepared do is entirely of their choosing and what they are comfortable with doing online. Where Kinkycamdom is concerned, the only limit they have is what is allowed by law.


The Sessions

The website is really easy to navigate: once you hit the button to confirm that you are of legal age (18 years or over for most residents; may vary in other countries / states), you have the options of choosing the kind of cam show you wish to see; Female, Male, Couples, BDSM or Transgender. Once you've chosen your category, a grid of the available models will come into view. Simply select the model of your choice and there they are! From that screen you choose to request private chat, tip the model or participate in the group chat. It's really that simple! Of course you will need to register to add credits but the system requires minimum information; a username, password, email address and of course your credit / debit card details.

When it comes to the sessions themselves...

"The time frame and content can vary; it depends on each customer and each model. You can find some customers that want a quick play and watch for a few minutes. There are others that really want to explore and can pay for private sessions for 30 minutes or more. There is no typical session as there is so much variety. Our models will cater to each individuals needs within a private session. Anything is possible when you step into the dark side."

You're probably thinking the same thing as we are... it sounds enticing, exciting and slightly nerve racking all at the same time. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Don't worry, I'm sure they will go easy on you, unless you don't want them to ;) and like they say, each model caters to the needs of their audience.


The future

I would say the future is looking rather bright for Kinkycamdom and it's team but I feel like it wouldn't be particularly indicative of it's dark and mysterious branding. 

As Kinkycamdom is a new venture, I have no doubts that we will see all sorts of new and wonderful developments from the company. We even have a statement from Grant, Head of Marketing at Kinkycamdom:

"We see Kinkycamdom as a growing company; which we hope, in time, will become a brand name within the camming industry. However, the Kinkycamdom Team have a lot of work to do before we get there. We hope that you can all come and join us on the journey we are going through."

We here, at Burn the Night as I'm sure many of you are, look forward to seeing how Kinkycamdoms progresses and what new opportunities they can offer both webcam models and customers alike.


Exclusive Info

"The team have had a recent shift. Dave our Kinky Bunny is now head of recruitment you can follow his kinky adventures on our blog and on twitter @jivedave

Paul is our new Business Development Manager he has lots of very kinky and exciting ideas he is introducing to the site shortly. Follow him on twitter for latest news @PaulKinkycamdom

Grant is our new Head of Marketing he is busy working on affiliate programs for you guys follow him @G_Kinkycamdom

As for Miss Ems well she keeps the whole kinky fun kinky! @ems_kinkycamdom

For all of our latest news check out our site

There are lots of new and exciting things to come."


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