[Video] Things Not to Say to a Sex Worker

"As a sex worker a lot of what you hear might be unrepeatable, but these nuggets they share raise eyebrows for a different reason." - BBC Three

Snapshot from BBC Three's 'Things Not To Say To A Sex Worker.'

Snapshot from BBC Three's 'Things Not To Say To A Sex Worker.'

BBC Three have been producing a number of 'Things Not to Say to...' video shorts for their social media channels... and I have to say, it's rather interesting.

Not only does it give those within a given demographic an opportunity to vocalise their thoughts, feelings and pet-peeves that they often encounter from members of the general public, but it also gives people the opportunity to debunk false assumptions as well as help to tackle some of the stigma they often have to contend with.

In this particular episode, BBC Three speaks to several UK based Sex Workers about the type of questions and prejudices they often have to deflect. 

Typical questions such as 'Do you enjoy it?' 'Are you being forced?' 'What happened to you to make you choose this?' is enough to make steam burst out of anyone's ears!

As Sex Worker, Radio Talk Show Host and Activist Charlotte Rose puts it "...not only am I getting paid, I'm getting to meet fantastic people and I get to orgasm two or three times a day. Who doesn't want that job?!" 

Sure it's not for everyone; many individuals who consider themselves to be sexually liberated and / or open about their sexuality may not chose sex work, in any form, as a profession. However, there are many women, and men, worldwide who do actively engage in sex work and are happy with their chosen field. They operate just as you expect any sole trader to i.e. promoting themselves, building up a fan base, customer retention etc. Their ethic is to ensure that their customers are more than satisfied with the service and that they themselves are content, safe and have a life that works for them and their needs rather than adapting their life to their work, like unfortunately, so many people in other work sectors feel they have to.

Sex work is one of the oldest trades since the dawning of human civilisation, it's highly unlikely to disappear any time soon as there will always be a demand for sex and intimacy.

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So what's the overall message from watching this video? Find out more about the person behind the profession before you judge... and no, sex work isn't a prison sentence for unfortunates, not to be confused with the serious crime that is human trafficking!