CamSoda's Gone and Made a Real Life 'Lickster' Oral Sex App

Remember that hilarious comedy sketch by The Kloons about their fake cunnilingus app called Lickster? Well CamSoda have taken it upon themselves to create the real deal: introducing the 'O-Cast'.

Photo credit: CamSoda

Photo credit: CamSoda

Available for download for both iOS and Android devices, the O-Cast is synched to a LoveSense Remote Control Vibrator to give you powerful, long distance orgasms.

So how does the app work? Well, the app itself displays a colourful screen with a sensor in the middle for you to interact with. Depending on how and where you lick on the screen, those sensations; in terms of movement patterns and vibration levels, will be sent across to the connected device.

It makes sense for long distance relationships, but how many people in general would have an actual use for such an app?

As noted by other sources it's a good way to test out your oral sex skills and to provide long distance pleasure with a somewhat personal touch but other than that, surely it can't beat the real deal?

Something worth taking into account is the hygiene issue. Mobile devices are known for being absolutely covered in bacteria, so licking the screen doesn't sound so appealing to us. A solution could be to wipe down your screen with a non-toxic anti-bacterial gel or spray. Even in this instance, the last thing you want to do is make yourself ill from the chemicals used in the cleaner. Alternatively, you can use your fingers but wouldn't that be cheating? After all, it is an oral sex app, not an app to test your 'handy' work.

The other thing to consider is to ensure that you've read and understood the privacy terms of both the LoveSense device and the O-Cast App. As we know from yesterday's report on the We-Vibe settlement case, IOT devices & apps are known to be vulnerable to hacking and companies may not be as forthright in sharing how and what data will be collected and used by them. Our advice? Make sure you find this out prior to using these kinds of apps and devices. If it's not clear in the terms, contact the developer's support / help desk directly for more information.

So, if you or your partner already have a LoveSense vibrator and you feel like giving this a go, why not have a play and see what happens? If not and you're in close enough proximity for an intimate session, get to work! If you're worried about your skills lacking somewhat, check out some educational vids online and then put it to the real test, i.e. go down on her and make her orgasm like never before!


What are your thoughts on the O-Cast?

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