WWE Hoping Sex Leaks ‘Blow Over’ While More Victims Emerge

The WWE is taking a deliberately hands-off approach to dealing with an X-rated leak scandal that grows more widespread with each passing day.

Photo credit: Getty Images.

Photo credit: Getty Images.

The leak scandal began in early March when pornographic videos and pictures of WWE superstar Paige popped up online. Paige, who is currently nursing an injury, initially kept quiet about the leak, but subsequently said her phone was hacked and the explicit footage was released without her consent.

In the days that followed the Paige leaks, lurid material ranging from topless bathroom selfies to X-rated videos began to appear online featuring four other current or former WWE stars. First, nudes surfaced of former stars Kaitlyn and Maria. On Tuesday, current diva Summer Rae said topless bathroom selfies circulating online were fakes. On Wednesday, X-rated pictures were released that apparently show former WWE women’s champion Victoria performing oral sex, according to The Sun.

Though many of the leak victims no longer work for WWE, Paige is still very much a part of the wrestling promotion’s setup. As is Xavier Woods, a member of The New Day tag team, who allegedly is depicted in one of the tapes having a threesome with Paige and another male wrestler.

WWE journalist Dave Meltzer reported Woods’ potential involvement and Paige being the victim of an apparent crime has put the wrestling organization in a difficult spot.

“I did hear from WWE, and they didn’t say anything specific, but they’re not going to do anything to anybody … the gist of it is that they’re going to wait for it to blow over … if for some reason it doesn’t, they may have to change. Right now, they’re waiting for it to blow over,” Meltzer said on “Wrestling Observer Radio,” via FlickeringMyth.com.

WWE might have to wait a little bit longer for Paige’s problems to “blow over,” however. More explicit videos of the star hit the web Wednesday, according to The Sun.

The newest videos will be added to the collection of graphic videos that have been embarrassing for Paige, and to some degree, her employer. In the videos, Paige is seen performing a number of different sex acts both alone and with partners. Nude and semi-nude bathroom selfies of Paige also were leaked online, as well as a photo of the wrestler performing a sex act on one of her championship belts, according to Fox News.

Paige is also in the middle of a feud with the company.

The fight between Paige and WWE began in the fall of 2016 when she suffered a neck injury. WWE thought the injury wasn’t too severe, but Paige insisted it was and she decided to have surgery. That did not sit well with WWE. The 24-year-old later was hit with mandatory 60-day suspensions for violating the company’s anti-drug wellness policy on two separate occasions during her post-surgery recovery.

Given her strained relationship with WWE, there was speculation Paige might be suspended or even cut from the roster due to her current controversy. However, cooler heads at WWE seem to have prevailed for now.


Written by Michael Blaustein for The New York Post

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