[Video] Yes, Unicorn Horn Dildos Are Now A Reality

Just when we thought the obsession with everything pink and glittery had reached an all time high, we then stumble upon an article by Metro about the existence of unicorn horn dildos.

Photo credit: Geeky Sex Toys

Photo credit: Geeky Sex Toys

If cosplaying a unicorn or having unicorn themed make-up, hair or even the unicorn tail butt plug wasn't enough, you can now masturbate to your hearts content with your very own horn.

Made from medical-grade silicone, the horn's twisted structure will no doubt provide an 'ultra-ribbed' sensation whilst being used. It has a suction cup fitted to the bottom so you can enjoy all types of hands-free play, should you choose to.

You can choose from pink, white and purple horns, all available at a standard size of 7.5" in length, 5.5" circumference at it's base and 2.2" circumference at it's peak. 

The Unicorn Horn Dildo is a super cute toy made by us at Geeky Sex Toys. This legendary dildo will help stimulate mystical and magical orgasms. The suction cup allows for more adventurous role play creating your very own fairy tale ending. Get yours today! 

These magical, handmade unicorn horns will cost you $50 + shipping fees. Not overly cheap but if you've got some spare cash and your usual dong just isn't cutting it anymore, this could give you that much needed colourful boost for your sacred 'me' time.

Upon visiting the Geeky Sex Toys website, it becomes apparent that the unicorn dildos are literally just the tip of the iceberg. Here you will find other fantasy inspired sex toys from lightsaber dildos to Power Rangers butt plugs (these actually called 'The Mighty Moaning Anal Rangers', genius).

The unicorn horns are now available for order, simply go to the Geeky Sex Toys website, select the horn in the colour of your choosing and head to the checkout.

So there you are. A pretty unicorn horn dildo that you can attach to surfaces or another human being. Enjoy!