[Video] Randy Reporters: The Funniest Sex News Bloopers

Every now and then, a conventional news report suddenly falls to pieces due to a freudian slip or an unexpected sexual innuendo that leaves viewers howling. These bloopers are pure gold!

Snapshot from the Funny Local News bloopers compilation.

Snapshot from the Funny Local News bloopers compilation.

Created by Funny Local News YouTube Channel, this compilation of sexually charged news bloopers are without doubt some of the cheekiest we've ever seen! 

If you're bored out of your mind on your lunch break, sick of your moody co-worker's meanderings and need something to put a smile back on that face, I recommend checking this out. Make your excuses and run!

Although it may be worth watching it with your headphones plugged in, if you're still in the office building... Not everyone's sense of humour is as naughty as ours!

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