Killing the Mood: Exploring Bedroom Blunders in the UK and Europe.

When it comes to the mistakes we experience in life, context is everything. While we may walk off a muscle cramp earned after a hearty game of football with friends, we are nearly horrified when it occurs during sex.

That’s what we found when we asked 2,000 European and American people to share their most embarrassing sexual mishaps with us. Seemingly innocuous things – like getting a muscle cramp or leaving the windows open – ranked among the top blunders lovers confessed. The good news: They’re mostly preventable. The bad news: They happen all the time. 


Most Common Sexual Mishaps

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While the idea of sex gone wrong might be a bit of a turn-off, many of the blunders shared are preventable with proper consideration of oneself, partners’ needs, and the environment. These preventable bedroom blunders included being interrupted by someone walking in, spilling something, and falling off the bed or couch. Even taking a few minutes to consider the sexual theatre, or environment in which you plan to … um … perform, could help prevent several of the top 15 sexy-time embarrassments.

Another bright spot was that among common sexual mishaps, more involuntary – and therefore, potentially more embarrassing – occurrences (like burping or farting during sex) garnered lower amounts of complaints from participants.


Men vs. Women: Biggest Sexual No-Nos


Women uniquely reported peeing a little or farting loudly during sex acts, while men admitted to kissing someone’s armpit. Another common ailment for men was lasting only a couple of minutes, while both genders said muscle cramps, open windows, and interruptions were troublesome. 


Sex Faux Pas, by Country

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Congruent with findings previously discussed, getting a muscle cramp during a sexual act appears to be a prevalent problem (literally) across the map; it is most troubling for sexual partners in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Romania, and the U.S. According to the Mayo Clinic, taking simple actions, such as stretching and keeping hydrated, can help prevent muscle cramps and provide relief when they occur (both in and out of bed). 

Couples in Germany and Spain commonly left the windows open while in the act (presumably making their antics within earshot of neighbours). The least common reasons for sexual embarrassment, however, were expressed by Croatians and Hungarians. While those in Croatia were most concerned with peeing a little, lovers in Hungary had trouble with accidentally ripping their partner’s clothes while taking things to the next level. Wardrobe malfunction indeed. 


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