Scientists Reckon All Women are Able to Have ‘Super Orgasms’

If you’re one of those unlucky women who believe they’re incapable of orgasm (you might be, but you could also just be having rubbish sex), listen up.

Super Orgasms

According to scientists, all women are capable of a magical thing called ‘super orgasms’.

Super orgasms, sadly are not orgasms that bless you with the ability to fly or X-ray vision.

But they’re almost as good.

A super orgasm is essentially a catchy name for achieving multiple orgasms in a row – 100 orgasms in one go, to be exact.

According to researchers, every woman is capable of enjoying a super orgasm. But the key, as you might expect, isn’t just rubbing out a quick one or doing one particular position.

Instead you’ll need to do do three things as part of sex: relaxation, yoga, and bonding. Right then.

The research was part of a Channel 4 documentary called The Super Orgasm, and involved measuring five women’s brain activity.

The results showed that women are capable of multiple orgasms, and that the ‘super orgasm’ is not a myth – it’s totally possible, but depends on oxytocin (the hormone that makes you happy and cuddly).

Some women, mind you, are wired to find having multiple orgasms easier.

Women who easily orgasm more than once in a row release a higher level of oxytocin than those who find it trickier.

The women who were able to achieve super orgasms were also less inhibited, more easily aroused, and tended to be relaxed during sex rather than worrying about whether or not they were going to come.

Super-orgasm-haver Beverley, 52, runs tantric classes, whereas another one said she does ‘lots of yoga’, and Francesca attributed her super orgasms to having sex with someone with whom she’d bonded.

Hence the recommendations for relaxation, bonding, and yoga.

It’s worth noting that the sample size used for the study is pretty small, and all kinds of other factors could be playing into these particular women’s ability to have a ‘super orgasm’.

Written by Ellen Scott for Metro

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