The Closest Thing To Real Sex: Lazeeva And CAM4 Announce Virtual Reality Partnership For Live Adult Entertainment

Lazeeva, the alternative Android app store for erotica, announces a partnership with CAM4, one of the world’s largest live-cam platforms and pioneer in Live-VR entertainment, underlining the huge potential and innovative power that virtual reality presents to the adult industry beyond porn.


MUNICH, Germany - ( While mainstream entertainment and gaming industries try to find the right product market fit for virtual reality, the adult industry shows its strength applying new technologies for VR consumers. As Lazeeva CEO Tilmann Petersen asserts, the future of adult-VR lies not in porn but in interactive live-VR. In fact, on the Lazeeva app store for erotica, live-VR and interactive sex toys are the fastest growing trends.

The results Lazeeva’s German beta-launch confirm this hunch. “For VR-porn, we see strong initial interest and turnover, yet retention rates are mostly in line with what we know from other well-developed apps out there. However, what made our heads turn was the performance of CAM4VR-app,” says Petersen. 

CAM4VR is a virtual reality live-chat app, which allows users to interact with CAM4’s Livecam-performers through virtual reality devices in an interactive and uninterrupted experience. The concept and app is developed and operated by the world’s third-largest cam-platform CAM4 together with celebrity performer and VR-pioneer Ela Darling. Retention rates of CAM4VR are up to 3-times higher than for other free VR-apps, including porn and games.

“Live-VR interactivity creates incredibly engaging personal and erotic experience shared with a remote partner that is as close to a real encounter as it can probably get. You can even connect interactive sex toys that ultimately translate the immersive virtual experience into a physical feeling. This is the closest to real sex that we can achieve right now in VR,” says Darling.

As Lazeeva prepares its international roll-out backed by a new funding round with investors, both companies will collaborate to drive interactive SexTech to mobile users around the world. CEO Tilmann Petersen sees CAM4 as an ideal partner given the platform’s global audience, experience bringing new technologies to the live market, and shared vision of providing positive, tech-driven adult entertainment. 

Ela Darling, VR pioneer and advocate for adult performers, values Lazeeva’s positive brand-DNA, which speaks to target groups beyond heterosexual men. The brand’s partnership with CAM4 stands for positive adult entertainment for women, men, and couples, with plans to launch CAM4VR Gay with new male performers. Given the mainstream success of live-streaming apps in Asia, the potential of live-VR concepts in erotica is boundless beyond Western markets. 


Managing members of both companies are available for interviews upon request. Please contact for questions.


About Lazeeva App Store

Lazeeva App Store for Adults is an alternative mobile app market for Android. It offers a range of explicit and non-explicit mobile apps that are positive in their character but would not be able to make it into Google Play Store due to the latter’s restrictive guidelines towards adult content. Lazeeva’s mobile apps are from a variety of categories virtual reality, e-commerce, live-streaming, video streaming, gaming and dating. Lazeeva is fully owned by Nu Emotions GmbH with its seat in Munich, Germany. It was founded in December 2015 by three founders and backed by two seed-investors from Norway and Switzerland. A first beta-version has been launched and marketed to German users in July 2016 and since attracted more than 20,000 active users. After conclusion of a second round of investment, the company plans to roll-out Lazeeva App Store internationally from July 2017 with a focus on English-speaking and East-Asian markets.


About CAM4

CAM4 is one of the largest webcam portals in the world with currently more than 23 million members from over 230 countries and over one million hours of content created per week. It was launched in June 2007 and since then has grown completely self-funded without any external investment. Since the very beginning CAM4 has been distinguishing itself through an emphasis on community aspects and authentic interactions between live-performers and audience. This is why in 2016 CAM4 was one of the first webcam portals to launch an extensive virtual reality platform called CAM4VR, which is co-founded by Ela Darling who herself is the world’s first-ever webcam performer in virtual reality. Today Ela Darling is one of the most vocal female voices in the adult industry and regularly featured in mainstream media and tech-oriented press in particular.


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