Barcelona Sex Dolls Brothel Plans For British Opening

Lumi Dolls; first launched in Barcelona as the world's first sex dolls brothel, is looking to expand it's franchise into other countries. The next place they have their sights on? Britain! 

Image Composition: Burn the Night, Website Splash: Lumi Dolls.

Image Composition: Burn the Night, Website Splash: Lumi Dolls.

As we reported previously, Lumi Dolls promise to offer a sensual experience with 'ultra-realistic' sex dolls. Apparently, they will be closing their first shop in Barcelona due to a number of complaints made by human sex workers that are losing business as result of the Lumi Dolls.

According to GQ, the creators of Lumi Dolls are seeking investment in the UK so they can expand their business and offer their unique service to the UK market.

Currently, there are 4 dolls available: "European Katy", "African Leiza", "Asian Lilly" and Japanese Anime Doll "Aki." - see previous article for images.

Each doll has the ability to be bent into all sorts of positions and customers can enjoy each of their three orifices; mouth, vagina and anus. The dolls are dressed and presented in the manner that customers have pre-requested. Customers can also select the music they wish to hear in the background.

Lumi Doll 'Katy' up close and in person! (Interview conducted in Spanish) Even if you can't understand the conversation, this video gives you a closer look at the dolls in question!

'Just how hygienic are these rental sex dolls?' is question that most people have likely asked upon hearing about them. It is reported that the company cleans each doll in-house after every appointment, however customers are advised to wear a condom during their session.

Will LumiDolls get the investment they need to become a global phenomenon? Only time will tell! All we know is if Lumi Dolls reach London, we gotta check it out for ourselves so we can share with you all just how real these dolls appear in person!


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