Emojis Enter the Adult Industry; Vibrators, Domains

The internet has gone emoji crazy over the years! Emoji packs continue to expand and now the little icons are making their way into a whole new industry, namely adult. It began with the egg plant vibrator, but now there's the chilli pepper vibe and even website domains featuring emoticons! 

Photo credit: Emojibator

Photo credit: Emojibator

When will the emoji madness end? Who knows, but they don't appear to be going anywhere any time soon. Here at Burn the Night, we are a fan of well placed, relevant emojis... but do they really belong in a domain name?

CamGirl.com seems to think so. According to a recent XBIZ report. The CamGirl website is the first to use an emoji-based domain. The idea is to have a visual namespace that can be linked to the main domain, i.e. creating more pathways and opportunities for traffic. So what is the new domain? If users enter Cam👧 .ws into the web address box, this will redirect users to the CamGirl cam site. It's an interesting concept and one worth testing, as the company believes it could help to direct more millennials to the site. However, it's uncertain at this point just how effective it will be. After all, people can just put in camgirl.com and get the same result. It may be fun for users initially, but it begs the question whether or not this domain will have the longevity to make hosting it's name a worthwhile investment. Only time will tell. 

Remember how social media went nuts over the egg plant vibrator? It now has a new companion, the chilli pepper! Dubbed by the manufacturer as 'Emojibators', the chill pepper comes in a fiery, bright red, has 10 different vibration settings and is waterproof so it can be used in a bath or shower. The designs are fantastic, the products vibrant and it will certainly appeal to a specific demographic.

Of course, there's also a bunch of emoji based merch already out there such as clothing and accessories that are particularly popular with children, adolescents and millennials alike. 


There are also brand new emoji packs that have been designed with adult audiences in mind. For example, there's a weed orientated keyboard and sticker pack for stoners called Kushmoji. It features everything from joints, bongs, stoned faces, food and activities. 


Then there's also a feminist keyboard and sticker pack called Femojis, depicting the female form and feminine accessories in various colours.  

Seemingly, this is the beginning of an emoji-based revolution. Where icons speak louder than words.


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