"Send Nudes": Sexting Is HUGE Amongst All Adults

Journalists often discuss 'Sexting' as nothing more than a late-teen fad; this couldn't be further from the truth. As DrEd demonstrate in their US & EU survey, sending nudes and sexting in general, is just as common across most adult groups.

Photo credits: Picture below: Festival Gear; Composition: Burn the Night.

Photo credits: Picture below: Festival Gear; Composition: Burn the Night.

Interestingly, as you will see from the results in the charts, more adults in the US are sending nudes than their European counterparts, but only with a difference of approximately 6%. 

Photo credit: DrEd.

Photo credit: DrEd.

It's unsurprising that the highest denominator of adults sharing nudes are in the 18 - 24 years bracket, what with all the raging hormones and all. However, what may be surprising to readers is the fact that the percentage of both 25 - 34 year olds and 35 - 44 years age groups (that send nudes) is only 6 - 8% less than the 18 - 24 years group. Not only that, that the gap between the number of men and women who send nudes is very little, only around 2 - 3% on average. This demonstrates that the idea of sexting with 'a person of interest' is appealing to both sexes and to over a third of the adult population in the US and EU.  

So what kind of nudes are people sending? Below you will see from DrEd's research that sexters are most likely to send photos of their breasts or chest, followed by their face, with far less sending photos of their butt. Supporting the 'dick pic' phenomena, which is a topic that often finds itself to be turned into hilarious memes or unimpressed social media statuses, men are far more likely to send photos of their genitals than women. Men are also far more likely to send full nudes than women.

Send Nudes Infographic 2

Now here is where it gets really interesting...

Both sexes are far more likely to send nudes to a long-term partner than any other kind of relationship; 27% of men and 33% of women. 

Send Nudes Infographic 3

Dr Ed also reported that there was a positive correlation between nudes and sexual satisfaction. 

Send Nudes Infographic 4

It has been noted by many sexologists that emotional engagement as well as the anticipation of sex can lead to far more pleasurable experiences and a better sex life overall. It would seem that this study's findings would also support that notion.

Having a steamy sexting session during your work break, counting down the hours as you undress that person in your mind, to then rush home and unleash your desire on them? We can see how that would work!

Already you get a clear picture of how a number of people feel when it comes to sexting, it's fun, flirty, sexy and naughty. It builds up arousal levels and knowing that the person you want wrapped around you is lusting after your hottest selfies can really help with sexual confidence. 

Curious about the full study? Check out the full report from DrEd


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