(Sexy!) 5 Hottest Foreplay Moves

"God yes, more of that!" is exactly the kind of phrase you want to hear from your partner during a pleasure-filled sexual encounter. While great intercourse is important, amazing foreplay prior, is an absolute must. Read on to discover the hottest foreplay moves that are bound to have your partner gripping the sheets!

Foreplay Tips

Sex itself has a lot of benefits; such as stress and migraine relief to better sleep, but where do the acts of foreplay come into it? Foreplay is actually a large part of sexual activity that often gets pushed out of the spotlight, or even worse, forgotten entirely. We cannot stress enough how much of a mistake that is! Amazing foreplay can be the difference between okay or even good sex to mind-blowing, best sex ever! So what are the moves that are guaranteed to keep your partner begging for more?

For maximum impact, we suggest using a number or all of these techniques to create the perfect moments of lasting pleasure.


1. Pre-Tease

Before you even move into heavy petting, start off with sensual touching and kissing. Embrace your partner with slow, passionate kisses involving some tongue but not too much. At this point, you just want to arouse the senses from their slumber and give them an idea of what's to come. Move your mouth over to their cheek, kissing softly and slowly moving your way down their neck. While you are kissing their neck and moving towards their 'weak spot' (usually, there's always one spot on the neck that makes a person weak at the knees), gently hold the back of their head or neck with one hand while your other hand runs down their chest. If they are wearing a buttoned top or shirt, start to undo (if you can) with one hand. If not, and the person is wearing trousers, a skirt, shorts etc that needs unfastening, see if you can do just that. If you're not confident using one hand to pull off this move, you can just softly tease their waistline or the outline of their hip bones with your finger tips. By this point your partner will know what your intentions are and will be starting to feel the heat!


2. Tease

Now you can afford to be more bold. Help them get undressed (and maybe as well as yourself), start to use your hands and mouth on other sensitive and pleasurable areas such as teasing their nipples, kissing their stomach or grabbing / spanking their buttocks - no genital stimulation yet. As soon as you start to feel them squirm, move away. Once they cease to squirm or move around less, continue or try something else that will provoke an intense, positive reaction. Keeping your partner teetering on the edge of pleasure and close to an orgasm, otherwise known as 'edging', is a great way to send their primal senses into overdrive. It's also a great technique for those who find it more difficult to orgasm or to reach climax. Regardless of gender, sex or orientation, it's bound to trigger some incredibly strong impulses!


3. Explore

At this stage, your partner will be aching for you to explore their body further and now's the time to do so. Whether you're in a new or long standing partnership of any format, it's great to explore new possibilities with your partner and see how they respond to different sensations. You can even use items to do this such as a ice cubes, lubricants, wax candles, massage oils etc. If it's BDSM related, there are a whole number of accessories and toys that you can use. If you are new to such concepts, it's best to start with more 'tame' objects, practises and / or restraints. There are some fantastic starter kits available in sex shops and online stores. It's important to know that if you're trying something new, make sure you let your partner know your intention prior to trying it to see if they are open to the idea. If they are, precede with caution. Test the waters and gauge the response, i.e. don't just dive straight in. Take it nice and slow and act accordingly to your partners responses. 


4. Please

Now that you have a clear idea of the kind of foreplay your partner wants and what they are responding to the strongest, the gloves can come off and you explore this further. Get passionate with your actions and let them know that you have no intention to stop until they are squirming with pleasure and writhing uncontrollably on the bed... or wherever you are.

When or if you start to fully engage in oral sex, if your partner's sex is female, make sure you use different rhythms, tongue shapes and movements to keep your partner guessing and engaged. Even by changing the pace or movement, you could potentially trigger a much more intense orgasm. The clitoris has 1000s of nerve endings and is the main pleasure centre for female sexed individuals, it has the potential to trigger several orgasms. You can also use your fingers in combination or independently. 

A similar concept applies for male sexed partners, use your tongue and your mouth in different ways to create different sensations. You can use the tip, a flat or pointed tongue, use your entire mouth, then of course, there are also your hands. Use different combinations with different intensities and speeds. 


5. Deny 

If you or your partner are getting too close to just 'exploding the load' and you wish to engage in foreplay longer, or actually have sex, simply cease all physical action. Although, just sitting there idly is not the way to go. You can stop the overwhelming sensation by removing the physical stimulation away and the other, now being the one to receive physical pleasure. Whoever's been doing the work gets to experience some physical attention, or could even be masturbating / teasing their own 'pleasure zones', or both!


The best thing about foreplay is there is no rule book as such, you can get as creative, passionate and as filthy or kinky as you're both comfortable with! 

Et-voilà! Now you're both wild-eyed, cross-legged and ready to pounce on one another!

You gotta admit, at least one or two of these have you curious now... So why not go ahead and see just how much more intense your sex could be. 


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