Drunk Sex is Overrated, Being Sober or Tipsy Wins!

No doubt that over the weekend, particularly with festival season in full swing, there will be tons of individuals worldwide having sex in a incredibly drunken state. People often talk about drunk sex like it's the perfect pastime; the reality is that compared to sober or tipsy sex, it sucks!

Drunk Woman

Don't worry, we're not saying that should be blacklisted or anything! Simply that it's totally overrated and can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances. Drunk sex often involves a whole number of cringeworthy blunders and missing details. At the time, people often think they are being sexy, mysterious and irresistible, whereas in reality; they can't stand straight, they stink of stale beer and sweat and are usually slurring some inaudible filth that really wouldn't be considered a 'turn on'.

Society has made the binge drinking culture an acceptable part of being an adult. If you wanna go out and get pissed, feel free by all means. However, it's become so synonymous with 'having a good time' that if you aren't getting drunk every time you go out, people think you're either a weirdo or in a bad mood. What's funny about this assumption is that those who just get tipsy or don't drink alcohol at all, generally tend to have a better time than those who aim to get as smashed as possible. There are a whole bunch of perks to not getting completely smashed such as financial savings, better health, your dignity remains more or less in tact and you are far less likely to end up exhibiting aggressive, depressive or impolite behaviour. 

As for the sex itself, here are whole bunch of reasons:

  • If you are sober or just a bit tipsy, you are less likely to end up in bed with someone you wouldn't ordinarily sleep with. Therefore, less likely to do a 'walk of shame' the next morning and trying to pretend it never happened.
  • The number of items that have been destroyed in the process of having drunken sex must be astronomically high, such as home ornaments, furniture, glasses etc. Not only do you have to clean it up the next morning, you have to replace whatever you broke.
  • By not getting really drunk, you have a better recollection of the events that took place, which in our opinion is very important. Whether you are sleeping with someone new, getting to know them or have been with them for some time, it's essential to clearly remember the who, what, when and hows. 
  • Vomiting on someone or running out of the room straight after a sexual encounter really isn't the best way to wrap up the evening!
  • Falling off of the bed or sofa can be really painful, particularly if you have stuff lying around!
  • Contraception may not be at the forefront of your mind during such encounters and that can be dangerous and / or life-changing for both parties. Can you imagine how many people have caught STIs such as HIV or have become pregnant because of a drunken fling?
  • Just how in control are you if you are that inebriated? Is the other person as drunk as you are? There's always the possibility of being taken advantage of, particularly if you are not in a state to properly give consent to certain acts. If you are out with friends and someone is trying to take the most drunken of the bunch home, make sure you take your friend home instead. While it is our individual responsibility to take care of ourselves and be responsible for our own safety to an extent, as a good friend you can also do your bit in ensuring they get home safe. 
Women Drinking Alcohol

These are just some of the top reasons why drunken sex isn't the best idea. Being tipsy however, is a whole different ball game. People tend to become less inhibited but still in control of their words and actions, more relaxed and outgoing, are far more likely to be engaged sexually and so it can lead to mind-blowing sex, particularly if the other party is on the same vibe and you already have amazing chemistry. The biggest aspect in relation to all this is that if a person is sober or tipsy, they can easily give or refuse consent without any confusion, which is massively important. If a person's not in a state to fully consent or be in control of their actions, they are not in a state to have sex. Male or female, the rule still applies. It's that simple. 

So when you're out this weekend, keep this in mind to avoid any potential disasters.

Now have fun and be safe peeps!


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