Lazeeva App Store Provides Secure Alternative to Risky or Fake Adult Apps

Amid growing threat by fake porn apps, the Lazeeva App Store for Adults provides a secure alternative to Android users seeking high-quality adult apps.

Image credits: Lazeeva; Nu Emotions GmbH. Image composite: Burn the Night.

Image credits: Lazeeva; Nu Emotions GmbH. Image composite: Burn the Night.

MUNICH, Germany - ( - The recent occurrence of a fake Pornhub app compromising Android users’ devices and personal privacy is answered by Lazeeva, an alternative Android app store providing a secure platform for users to download adult mobile apps without compromising their privacy and security.

The number of reports regarding ransomware attacks on Android devices in the form of pornography apps, such as the fake Pornhub-app, are rising daily. This fake Pornhub-app is making the rounds by seducing victims into installing the application and then immediately after, locking their devices with a request for a $100 ransom paid in Bitcoins. This is just one of many examples of fake porn apps exposing mobile users to a wide range of viruses and even threats in the form of financial blackmail.

However, there is a solution for Android users who are worried about their mobile safety and yet do not want to relinquish the use of erotic mobile apps: the Lazeeva App Store for Adults. The alternative Android app store is regularly screened and features a portfolio of high end, adult-related mobile apps.

“One of the key-drivers for the rise in fake porn apps is that adult content is strictly prohibited by Google Play. As a result, users download these kind of apps from random mobile sites through their unsafe browsers.” says Tilmann Petersen, Lazeeva’s founder and CEO. “Lazeeva App Store, on the other hand, is a secure platform for high-class erotic apps that are hand-picked and cleared for any malware threat by holding the respective app publisher accountable and ensuring all apps are clean prior to being pushed live. We want to provide a safe harbour for Android users who want to consume adult content without being exposed to financial, moral or reputation risks of any kind! Our 3 x privacy protection helps to do just that.”

Part of the rigorous vetting-process for new apps, is also the enforcement of Lazeeva’s strict content guidelines that make sure that only “positive” erotica makes it into the app store’s portfolio. Furthermore, a 3-layer privacy protection method consisting of camouflage icons, passcode protection and a secret app shelf for all downloaded apps, provides privacy for users when downloading and consuming erotic content. “We ensure that all our users enjoy Lazeeva’s apps and are left with nothing but a good feeling – both mentally and physically, after their experience.” concludes the company’s CEO. 

While cyberhacking and malware software becomes more sophisticated, so too must the online safety precautions adult content providers implement, which is evidently at the forefront of the company’s strategy along with it’s clearly defined ethics and desire to provide a positive, pleasant user experience. 



Nico Hribernik

Co-Founder & CMO

Lazeeva; Nu Emotions GmbH