Glitter Doesn't Belong in Your Vagina - Why Glitter Capsules Are Dangerous.

It sounds like a statement you'd take for granted but unfortunately there are women that are actually purchasing glitter capsules from ebay and online adult stores to stuff into their vagina. Why? So that they can have a glittergasm. Yes, essentially to make their cum glittery.

Glitter Butt

Deciding that your entire wardrobe, accessories and even food should be princess or unicorn themed is one thing, but turning your vagina into a glitter palace is another. Glitter has been known to react adversely on some people's skin, particularly those whose skin is very sensitive. Can you even begin to imagine what that would feel like from the INSIDE?!

Since the craze started and online retailers were selling out of the glitter capsules, health professionals have been advising shoppers not to insert them into their vagina or swallow them. Even mainstream media has been running stories on this subject and yet there are women out there still doing it. 

Ladies, enough IS enough... it's time for the madness to end.

Vaginal Glitter Capsule

It's time to hit you with some realness, and we say this with love and concern for your wellbeing across the board. Take note of the following:

  1. Guys do not need you to have a colourful, glittery or glowing vagina. Nor do they need your cum to sparkle. All they usually want is to know that they can make you orgasm in the first place! Then to enjoy it for what it is, in it's glorious, natural form.
  2. By trying to 'jazz up your vajay-jay' you're potentially putting yourself at risk of allergic reactions, Ph changes, infection etc.
  3. This sends out a dangerous message that just being your natural self isn't enough, that we have to sugar coat all that we are in order to be appealing to others. 
  4. Shooting glitter out of your vagina is not a sexual requirement, plus it'd be confusing and distracting as hell for your partner!
  5. If you have a type of reaction, this will not only kill the mood and destroy the sex, but could also lead to several days of irritation and discomfort. Not only that, it could cause your partner to have a reaction when they come into contact with the glitter.

If you wanna throw something a little interesting into the mix, why not experiment with edible body paint or use wax, ice or massage oils for full body sensory play? Keep it restricted to external use. Come to think of it, you should probably avoid your vagina entirely if you're using wax, but you get the idea!


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