Worried about Cyber Hacking? You Should Read This Ultimate Guide for Online Privacy.

While reports of cyber hacking continue mount up, very little practical advice is being shared through mainstream channels in relation to online security and privacy. Luckily, a detailed online guide was brought to our attention. Now you can take the necessary steps to protect your privacy.

Cyber Security

Tech and Online Privacy writer, Daniel Krohn shares his Ultimate Guide for Online Privacy so that journalists, readers and internet users as a whole can protect their privacy and personal data from being accessed by uninvited third-parties. These can include corporations, governmental spying agencies, cyber hackers, ransomware and malware developers etc.

In an age where information and access can be brought for the right price, it's essential to have your online privacy in mind and to be aware of your civil rights. While big businesses and politicians shake hands in a bid to bypass those rights and obtain your information, it has largely been left up to privacy, civil rights and freedom of speech advocates to fight your corner. Now, it's up to you to join that fight and to help defend your right to privacy. 

Of course, it's entirely up to you how many online security measures you would like to implement, just be aware that having an anti-virus scanner alone is not going to cut it. At minimum, most security analysts would argue that it's vital to have a VPN, particularly if you work with or obtain sensitive information as a business, have high-equity or significant asset accounts and access those via an internet enabled device or are working on research or gathering important information that others may want access to. Be careful you who discuss these matters with and do not provide easy access to such personal data.

Want to learn more? Check out Daniel's Ultimate Guide for Online Privacy and see what measures you require for your individual circumstances.  


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