[Video] Woman from San Diego, USA Marries Santa Fe Train Station

Remember our previous report about individuals who identify as 'objectum sexual'? Well, now San Diego resident Carol Santa Fe shares with the world that she has been married to Santa Fe train station for over a year.

Carol Santa Fe

This may sounds extremely peculiar, particularly to those who have never come across such cases. Objectophilia is where a person is sexually attracted to or has a romantic interest in specific inanimate objects or structures. While in practicality, this differs greatly to relationships between human beings, for people like Carol Santa Fe, it is very much like falling in love with a person.

Scenarios such as this tend to raise a number of questions amongst the general public as well as within psychiatric circles. A person can be drawn to an object or structure for a multitude of reasons and so, those factors can leave a strong, long-lasting impact on the individual.

Carol Santa Fe, a self-identified objectum sexual, says she's been in love with San Diego's historic Santa Fe train depot since the age of 9.

Is it unusual? I think it's fair to say that it is an unusual 'union' if can be termed as such. The main issues that are brought up in relation to objectophilia is the lack of obtainable consent from the object or structure in question, a person's right to declare that object or structure to be 'theirs' without said consent and the potential implications this could have in terms of their overall mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Needless to say, it's not a situation for us to judge but it does raise some interesting questions and opens the door to some deep, philosophical dialogue about the nature of reality, consciousness, modern day animism, love and many other things. Interesting...


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