Burn the Night 2018 Official Launch

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After a successful year of beta testing, Burn the Night's official launch has now arrived!

LONDON, England - (burnthenight.info) - Back in January 2017, we held our initial beta launch in order to live test our services, refine the parameters of our target audience and develop our online presence. 

Burn the Night has not only been met with warmth by those in numerous industries, we have had significant public interest in our message, brand and IGNITE News platform. Already, we have worked on some fantastic projects with companies who are striving to be the leaders of tomorrow and yet, have significant influence today.

Over the past several months, we reconstructed several sections of the BTN website, revised our service offers and developed our brand's identity. It is with great pleasure to announce that we are ready to take BTN to new and exciting places.  


"I couldn't have imagined how promising this venture would be when I started my business. I'm ecstatic that adult communities, prominent figures in fashion and music as well as members of the public have been supportive of this endeavour. BTN will continue to evolve to ensure that our message resounds with both existing and new audiences. That our brand becomes known for it's aesthetics and delivery of creative services and becomes synonymous with the concepts of social entrepreneurialism, authenticity and philanthropy. I look forward to communicating with other entrepreneurs and online merchants that are ready to explore the possibility of a fruitful partnership. I promise you, this is only the beginning" -  Burn the Night Founder, Brenda Adiyiah.


There have been numerous changes to our website, including the aforementioned revised services section and the expansion of the IGNITE News platform to include music and fashion articles, features and photography.


Our full services list:

Digital Marketing

*Affiliate Marketing (new)


Visual Content (new)

Public Relations

Event Journalism

Project Management

Web Management (new)

To learn more about the individual services, please visit our website.


Another exciting announcement will follow in April 2018 in regards to our exploration of e-commerce. More to be revealed in due course! 

We are now opening our doors to new, prospective clients seeking tailored, boutique services and affiliates looking to build their community and explore new avenues of revenue.

To celebrate the official launch of Burn the Night, we are offering our first 10 new business subscribers 25% off all services (exc. affiliate marketing). We will also be posting social media shoutouts for those who share our release and launch posts. Share the news, share the love!

Here's to a new year of potential, creativity, partnerships and positivity!

B U R N I N G   B R I G H T E R

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Contact info

Brenda Adiyiah


t. +354 780 8127

e. contact@burnthenight.info