Burn the Night Nominated for UKAP Awards 2018 "Media Award"

Voting is now open for this year's UKAP Awards; we can proudly announce that Burn the Night has been nominated for the Media Award. 

Burn the Night UKAP Awards Nomination

LONDON, UK - (burnthenight.info) - The UKAP Awards, formerly known as the UKAFTA, is running for it's 13th year, celebrating the achievements and dedication of those working in and directly with the adult entertainment industry. 

For the past year, we have been working closely with prominent figures in the adult industry to provide a platform that shares important changes in legislation, to give voice to marginalised communities and to support social equality amongst all individuals. 

In conjunction with our news platform, we offer a number of creative business services to help individuals and businesses alike obtain new opportunities, engage the right clientele and expand their audience reach. 

Being a new brand and business, we are humbled by this recognition and would like to express our thanks.

"In all honesty, I hadn't anticipated this nomination. So firstly, I would like to thank the UKAP Awards and all those who had put our brand's name forward in the pre-nominations. I'd also like to thank the individuals and businesses who have been supportive of our work from day one. Burn the Night is for all of us; it is what it is because of our hard work and our community's input." - Brenda Adiyiah, Founder. 

If you enjoy our content and support our mission, you can vote for Burn the Night here.


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t. +354 780 8127

e. contact@burnthenight.info