Cawacem: Erotic Artist Spotlight

When Spirituality, Femininity and Nature intertwine with digital art, the result is Cawacem!


We are so excited to have an exclusive 'first' on IGNITE News! We recently caught up with an amazing erotic artist, who's work not only celebrates the divine feminine, but captures what it means to be a self and nature-loving woman. With a staggering social media following and incredible creative talent, it's a privilege to introduce Cawacem!


Firstly, I’d just like to say that your work is incredibly beautiful! How long have you been an illustrator for?

Hi! Thank you for you kind compliments. The pencil has been my favorite toy for a long time. I worked for a long time as an architect and in the summer of 2016 I began to draw while I was living in Bali, Indonesia. 

- Wow, Bali! It's great how such skills can be transferred to different occupation, especially those that hold the most value to you.


What are your favourite mediums for creating art?

All mediums - leftovers of coffee, pieces of fabric. My pencil and iPad are always near by.

- Ah yes, many artists say that they always have certain tools of the trade close by for those spontaneous moments of inspiration.


The elegant, feminine nudity and natural connection with animals is breathtaking, what inspired you to create such works?

During one ideal sunset on a beach in Bali, a young woman in a bikini who had a beautiful body was playing with a wild dog. While the dog did not look at the beautiful breasts of this young lady, it was also not of importance to her that the dog did not have any money and was dirty. Nude women are a symbol of beauty; the temple of intimacy, and animals are sincerely kind. With animals, everything is easier than with human beings. Magic comes into being when the temple of intimacy and sincere kindness meet one another.

- Yes, exactly this! These representations of two beings connecting in such a genuine way really makes for soul-stirring viewing.



Your art style reminds me of some ancient Japanese erotic artworks I have seen, were you ever a fan of such paintings?

Aren’t all people fascinated by such works? Yes, of course.


We can also see a spiritual element in some of your works, is spirituality an important part of your life and / or your art process?

I believe in magic, bright miracles, fairy tales, power of love, power of nature. In Russian this word is "Volshebstvo".

- That's rather interesting, as we have seen many such themes showcased in both modern art and underground music from Russia. The ethereal style really adds another dimension.


Do you create art with a specific message in mind?

I would like to see more love in this world. My goal is to remind everyone about this issue.

- Absolutely, this is something that is also close to our hearts. The world definitely needs more people embracing compassion, love and kindness. 


Unfortunately, we have seen that some erotic artists have been banned, had profiles temporarily blocked or deleted completely due to the content, is this something that you’ve had to personally deal with?

No, never.


If you had one message or piece of advice to share with aspiring artists out there, what would it be?

Be ready for the possibility that your work will not be relevant for anyone. If other peoples’ opinions are important to you, then this kind of work is not for you.


Any exclusive news or future plans that you can share with us?

As always, I will continue enjoying and developing myself. This past summer, I met the man of my dreams; who has given me access to one of the biggest libraries in the world. Who knows which illustrations and texts I will find there for my work. I will begin with the Kama Sutra and then continue to share the love I have with the people who surround me. 

- That's fantastic to hear, and congratulations on the new relationship. Thank you for participating in our latest 'IGNITE Exclusive', we look forward to seeing your 'Kama Sutra' inspired works!