Modern Sex and Tech: Clue and the Kinsey Institute Share Study Results

Sex and technology are becoming more and more interlinked as manufacturing firms and research institutes create new and advanced means to explore the realms of intimacy and pleasure. Clue, the period and ovulation tracking app developers and the Kinsey research institute have recently teamed up to conduct a large scale study to discover how people interact with technology in relation to the sexual and social aspects of their lifestyle.

Image credits: Clue; Kinsey Institute.

Image credits: Clue; Kinsey Institute.

Unsurprisingly, as we reported earlier in the year, people seem to just love sexting. While many participants have used dating apps, so many more people are having sexting sessions via SMS messaging services or social apps. When it comes to sexting via an app, Snapchat still appears to be as popular as ever; presumably, due to the content's short-term accessibility. 

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Interestingly, the survey reports that LGBTQ users are far more active on dating apps than heterosexual users. Due to the focus on IOT and the move from desktop to mobile device usage, there are many different types apps on the market. There are several that provide different LGBTQ communities a way to socially interact with others with similar gender identities and sexual orientations as well as tailoring the services to localised areas, interests and hobbies, community events etc. As such groups are generally considered to be in the minority, it provides users the ability to engage with others without the fear of discrimination or persecution, particularly for those who reside in places that are yet to develop a wide-spread acceptance of LGBTQ individuals and alternative lifestyles.

LGBTQA+ Dating Apps Useage Clue Sex Survey

Human Sexuality is vast and ever expanding. For many, it's considered a basic need in order to maintain a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, though everyone interacts with their sexuality differently. There is no set way to approach sexual intimacy, but what we can see from studies like these, is the role that technology is playing within the modern day sex lives of the general public.

While technology and sexuality continues to evolve, we can expect to see some very interesting findings over the coming years and as always, we will continue to bring you the latest. Click here to read the Clue - Kinsey Institute report.

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