NIN Release Exciting New 2018 European Tour Dates

Nine Inch Nails (NIN) fans will be happy to hear that the band have added new dates to their 2018 European tour!

Photo credits: Nine Inch Nails; Discovery Park Aftershock.

Photo credits: Nine Inch Nails; Discovery Park Aftershock.

After a 5 year long wait, European fans can finally watch NIN live! Over the past couple of months, NIN have announced several European dates for their upcoming 2018 tour. 

It is rumoured that a new EP could be released this year, as a finale to the EP trilogy that was initiated with Not The Actual Events EP, released back in December 2016, followed by Add Violence EP in July 2017. It seemed like NIN was dropping fans and music publications some visual hints as to what's to come. Especially, when you consider the fact that this mysterious Day For Night Festival poster design featured lyrics that no-one has heard of.

Nine Inch Nails Day for Night Festival

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Trent Reznor confirmed that the previous two EP releases were in fact part of a trilogy. All I can say is, bring it on! Fresh NIN tracks are always welcome on my system! 

So we know we can expect some new tracks as well as iconic hits, mosh classics and most likely the odd track from the last two EPs.

So how about it, are you itching to see Nine Inch Nails perform live? Below are the confirmed European tour dates from NIN's official website

Confirmed Live Dates

UPDATED: 06 / 02 -  13:00 GMT

25 / 06 - L'Olympia - Paris, France.

27 / 06 - Afas Live - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

29 / 06 - Openair St. Gallen - St. Gallen - Switzerland.

30 / 06 - Aerodrome Festival - Prague - Czech Republic.

02 / 07 - Zitadelle - Berlin - Germany.

06 / 07 - Les Eurockèennes - Belfort, France.

08 / 07 - Rock Werchter - Werchter - Belgium.

12 / 07 - Nos Alive - Lisbon - Portugal. 

14 / 07 - Mad Cool Festival - Madrid - Spain.

As Nos Alive, Rock Werchter and Openair St. Gallen have all been confirmed just within the last week, it's highly likely that more dates will be announced in due course. As soon as we see the announcements, we will update this post with the latest dates. Tickets are already available, to buy yours visit the official NIN website.