Plugging into The World of Webcam Cosplay Modelling

Plug me in baby! Let's face it, we all have incredibly imaginative fantasies. Luckily, for those who are into anime and comics, there are pro webcam models who specialise in Cosplay. Learn more about the lucrative world of Webcam Cosplay Modelling!

Photo credit: Vera Bambi - formerly Vera Baby.

Photo credit: Vera Bambi - formerly Vera Baby.

A blend of imagination, technology and lust is a deadly combination (not literally). It is quite evident from our life experiences that every single person on this planet is unique. However, the notion of everything being unique is itself not so unique. When it comes to sexual pleasures and fantasies, one’s choice of interest may not necessarily be considered ‘right’ for the rest of the society. However, living your life without your choice of interest is ‘wrong’ also. 

Take for instance, the case of many grown-up adults who constantly deny the fact that they still watch ‘The Jungle Book’ or ‘Tom & Jerry’. Leaving aside this ‘fantasy’ of enjoying your favourite childhood cartoon shows, you will be surprised to know (maybe not) that there are many people who like to watch their favourite characters (not necessary from their childhood favourite cartoon) perform a live, private show for them on webcam. Apparently, this fantasy has given birth to a multi-million dollar industry known as the Cosplay Webcam Modelling industry. 

The first webcam ever built by humans was to check the liquid levels in a coffee pot, as scientists hated reaching out to an empty pot. Little did they know, that their notion of ‘necessity is the mother of inventions’ would serve so many purposes for so many industries. 

Even though it’s a multi-million dollar industry with many users, there are still many people who have little to no idea about its existence, which in turn makes them keep guessing about it. So in this article, we will be answering some of the most asked questions about this modelling industry. Let’s begin the show, or in the appropriate Cosplay Webcam terminology - Please Buy Tokens To Read Further.

This industry has got a large but yet a selective fan-base, which is made up of die-hard comic fans and the more casual ‘Netflix and Chill’ type fans. Many people confuse its fan base with that of the conventional adult webcam industry. Many Cosplayer fans beg to differ, as according to them, it’s the unique and creative side of the models' profession which attracts fans from around the world and not just simple lust. In either case, watching their favourite character tease and seduce them is something in which they can easily spend their entire earnings on. After all, "the Mother Of Dragons loves her children" and "a Lannister always pays his debts." Some of the most popular characters in the cosplay webcam industry are ‘Misty’ from Pokemon, Ronald McDonald (Female Version) and Black Widow from The Marvel Universe. Ah, poor Stan Lee. The reasons for Cosplay Webcam Models' popularity are also because of its fan-base and the interesting kind of service that they offer. Here are some of those reasons compiled after reading many forums and interviews:

  • Just like how some people became infatuation with their school teachers during their childhood, a part of that psychology also makes them fall for the 'lady' childhood cartoon character that they watched while growing up and hence, when these characters come alive in the form of Cosplay Models, it’s a hit. 
  • Many Cosplay Webcam Models play characters of ongoing, on-screen Dramas / TV Series, as people tend to search for images or information about those characters more on the internet. The great ‘Khaleesi’ from Game of Thrones is one such character that has rated highly on the popularity charts. The more conservative or authoritative a character is portrayed in a drama series, the naughtier or more submissive they are expected to be on private webcam shows.
  • The whole show is all about respecting the privacy of the user. Since every member of this industry understands this concept and respects that everyone has different tastes, many adults won’t have to feel embarrassed of the fact that they like to sexually fantasise about a ‘cartoon character’. 

Cosplay Modelling is an art-form, despite how some perceive this profession. Apart from the reasons that I have mentioned earlier for its growing popularity, another prime reason for it's huge audience is because of the Cosplay Webcam models themselves. Their performances have been immensely appreciated by viewers from around the world and that has earned them a massive fan following. Some of the big names you will hear of in this industry are Larkin Love, Lana Rain and Kerry Berry.

Photo credit: Lana Rain.

Photo credit: Lana Rain.

Lara Rain is a 24 year old Cosplay Webcam model and has a huge following, which she believes is mostly made up of ‘anime fan followers’. It’s no wonder that her fans now call her ‘The Living Hentai’. She has perfected the art of behaving and looking like anime characters as well as being an avid fan of anime and hentai herself. 

As a cosplay webcam model by profession, Lana Rain wears this tag as a badge of honour. It’s the love of her fans that has made her sit in one of the top positions of the top Cosplay Webcam Models chart. The higher your ranking, the more people want to see you and your performance. From there a hobbyist / newcomer Cosplay Webcam Model turns into a high earning Businesswoman. There hasn’t been any specific interview of these models talking about their income, however, many reports suggest that the top players earn anywhere between $40,000 to $75,000 per month.

There are also segments of their webcam shows that go for ‘sale’ on their website for just under $20. Many of the models have opened up about the ratio of their income in relation to the duration of their show. People tend to spend less tokens during the initial stages of the performance, however, at the later stages, everyone starts spending like there is no tomorrow. Ah, a good climax can make people work wonders from behind their screens. It’s also surprising to note that many users expect their models to react and talk with a completely different tone compared to what they portrayed in the TV series. Some users tag this requirement as the ‘Slutty Tone’

Needless to say, no matter how much ‘easy money’ this profession seems to offer, the reality is something quite different (I can see how some professional Food Tasters are smirking, eh). Here are some of the issues that these models get to face:

  • Many models came up with issues regarding expensive costumes, their maintenance, customisation and finding websites or retailers who actually sell such costumes.
  • Most of the time, it’s the webcam models who design and stitch their own costume, as some of the character’s costumes are too rare and difficult to find on the Internet. While there is enough of a character demand from their fans, the models feel obliged to meet those demands.
  • Just simply dressing up as a comic character is not considered to be the right way to offer the service, the model also needs to act, understand and get into the character in order to offer the right service. The model is expected to have in-depth knowledge about the character that she is playing, otherwise it’s a big turn off for the users.
  • Social acceptance is something that troubles a number of the models. Several of the people of whom they have known for a long time tend to start ignoring their company due to the nature of their work, which they believe 'corrupts the environment for their growing children.' - However, it would be nice for said parents to actually spend some time with their kids instead of ignorantly handling a 10 year old an iPad with no parental locks or controls in place! In the same breath, they wonder how they were able to browse such adult sites... 

No matter what other people may think, the existence of these Cosplay Webcam Models and this very industry is living proof that we, as a collective society, are still a kid at heart. We like to explore different options, new possibilities (according to our likes) and somewhere down the line, we happen to crowd-fund a completely new cluster of business ideas and opportunities. It’s the age of the Internet, bubbles are bound to form and they are not going to burst any time soon.


Written by Devashish Bhuyan for Burn the Night.

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