Are Politicians to Pay the Price? Westminster's Latest Sex Scandal

It's become clear that Westminster has far more than just Brexit to worry about. Sexual harassment claims are pouring out of the Houses of Parliament since it was discovered that female staff warn each other about perpetrating politicians via a WhatsApp chat group.

Westminster Harassment Scandal

Sexual Harassment has been in the media's spotlight ever since news coverage began on the numerous cases involving Hollywood tycoon Harvey Weinstein. Now, more and more reports from all sectors worldwide are flooding the internet, many of the victims using social media to voice their own stories and to support others seeking justice. The political arena may finally, no longer be exempt either.

The news broke through the Sun that the WhatsApp group made up of female staff at the Houses of Parliament, use it as a safeguarding line to warn each other about senior staff and MPs, from all parties, who have been demonstrating sexually inappropriate behaviour both verbally and physically. 

Now, according to SKY News Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking a clamp down on such behaviour by implementing a legally binding code of conduct and grievance procedure. 

While a list of 36 Conservative MPs and Ministers have been created and names the accused, there are several others from other parties that have gone unmentioned. 

Seemingly, the only measure that currently exists to safeguard members of staff is the 24/7 confidential hotline. Though, in light of the conversations taking place on WhatsApp, it begs the question as to how useful or reliable the hotline is for the victims coming forward. 

It is currently uncertain as to what legal measures will be introduced as part of the new crack down on sexual harassment. We will share the latest as more information comes to light.


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