Pre-orders Now Available from #BurntheStore!

You can't stop this fire! We have ignited the final preparations for the official Burn the Night web store launch with pre-orders of our debut collections!


LONDON, England - ( - Burn the Night's official web store is merely weeks away from launch. However, trailblazers won't have to wait until then; pre-orders are now available via #BurntheStore

Our debut 'Signature' and 'Inversion' collections are now available for pre-order, ahead of the store's official launch. Both collections feature products that were designed with creative entrepreneurs and influencers in mind. 

The focus: bold stationery and artistic decor to keep your living and office spaces lit!

About the Collections

Both the 'Signature' and 'Inversion' collections were solely designed by BTN founder, Brenda Adiyiah. After photographing her own content, Brenda transformed selected images into digital art pieces. 

"I wanted to launch the store with my own products, using my own designs and content. The reason I chose to launch two collections simultaneously is due to the fact that the 'Signature' collection, is one that will evolve but remain a store staple. Whereas the 'Inversion' collection is a limited edition; as will be each collection that replaces the next after a designated period of time. 
The 'Signature' collection is iconic of Burn the Night. It encompasses what my business is and what it represents as a brand, service and movement. We believe in bringing passion and power back into the hands of the people. We hope that our collection will serve as reminders that we create our own reality and that it's time for us to use both our innate and developed gifts, to create a future that we wish to be a part of.
The inspiration and bold imagery behind the 'Inversion' collection comes from my recent travels in Thailand, and of course, my home city of London. Travel is a big part of not only my lifestyle, but of Burn the Night as a lifestyle brand. By intertwining cultural identities and meshing futurism with traditionalism, you create something unique. It portrays the most visually striking elements of all these things. 
I felt this was an important concept to communicate, particularly at a time where social and cultural groups are becoming somewhat fragmented, dissociative. Our audience is so diverse and we want to celebrate that fact. My hope is through the store, we can begin to truly connect our community base, not only with ourselves but with one another, and start to become more involved in community projects further afield.
We are all the future, and I look forward to embarking on this journey with you". - Brenda Adiyiah, Founder of Burn the Night. 


Pre-Order Perks

Trailblazers, not only will you be the first to get your hands on our collections, you will also receive the following perks:

  • Extra 100 e-points (£1 token) when you pre-order. E-points are 'Entrepreneur Points', that you collect from purchases for discounts on future orders or even free items when you have enough points saved up! 
  • Subscription to Store Newsletter for exclusive info, discounts and freebies!
  • Free 'Start A Fire' 6 sticker pack when your pre-order exceeds £50.
  • Free UK standard shipping on all orders over £30.

To browse the collections, click here. Please note, only physical goods are available for pre-order. Digital products will be made available from the official store launch. 

 B U R N  T H E  S T O R E


Contact info

Brenda Adiyiah


t. +354 780 8127