Public Sex: The World of Risk, Pleasure and Controversy

If I had to ask you the single most perfect thing about sex, the answer to this question might cover a broad spectrum of things. We are all different and form different relationships with different tastes in love and sex.

Couple Hiding Sheltered Under Coats

Some of us are quite vocal when it comes to expressing our love, while others prefer to keep their relationship low profile. They say, ‘Love is the air’ and being a regular witness of it (or in short, a single person) I would love to say that it smells great. However, the above statement should also be considered as an idiom for ‘people having sex in a public space’. Find this unusual or strange? Let me help you with that.

Love can be expressed in various forms and it does not follow any particular protocol. You can hug, kiss, hold hands, make your partner laugh, feel special and whatnot; the list goes on and on. However, what is still seen as controversial is that sex can also be considered as a part of expressing your love. Well, the statement may or may not be true, but what is more often seen as controversial is the fact that ‘sex in public space’ is approached with different outlooks altogether. 

Well, I for one certainly don’t imagine that the very first couple that ever existed on Earth had sex in a dense cave, but instead did it out in THE WILD. However, as time moved through the centuries we became more civilised. However, the definition of ‘being civilised’ is still being polished. What is evident is that now in the 21st century, the trend is again becoming popular or coming to the attention of general public for the very obvious reason - ‘Sex in public’, duh?

In all honesty, I wasn’t too aware of this concept before I ‘accidentally’ crashed on a porn website (Yeah, like always) which was exclusively dedicated to such scenes. I saw a couple of videos which made me ask the questions starting with ‘WHY and HOW’. These two questions can be answered by two different portions of society. 


First: those who do it.
Second: those who request them do it.


There can be many reasons as to why couples opt to engage in public sex. I went through various forums and discussion sites and finally compiled the top 3 reasons given. Care to know what they are? Read on.

  1. There are many couples who actually get aroused by the idea of doing something ‘wrong’ in public and getting away without being caught. So why is it sex that they opt for? Simple, sex coupled with fear is yet another thrill. Hard to disagree with.
  2. On the other hand, there are couples who get aroused by the possibility of someone else watching them having sex. Remember the term ‘webcam sex’? Well, ‘Sex in public’ is also the same but just for 90’s kids.
  3. And finally, there are couples who have a place, but not really. These couples are usually disturbed by the possibility of the grandparents or kids crashing in and destroying the moment, or maybe even just a noisy neighbour. (Probably getting better action than them.)

There is also a 4th reason. However, it’s a totally different case scenario. The reason why we can also land up watching such scenes can be because ‘someone is paying them to do it’. Yes, I am talking about the professional adult industry where production of such porn scenes is currently quite in demand. According to the industry experts, the rise in such demands can be due to the way society is now approaching this idea. They tend to like what is actually made available for viewing. Again, it’s a circle of outcomes a.k.a. Chain Reaction.

However, unlike how amateurs and members of the public risk everything while indulging in such acts, a professional team of pornographers have to take many things into consideration while executing such a scene. There are many laws that they need to follow to deliver just one scene. After carrying out some thorough research, I discovered that this is how things can turn out for them as well as for the general public indulging in such acts.

  1. In the name of ‘outraging public decency’, a number of laws can land them in jail. Behaviours and actions that are likely to cause alarm or disturbance to other people living nearby, heavily exposing your body and sex in public toilets are considered to be violating ‘The Public Order Act 1986’.
  2. It can also be brought to the attention of prosecutors should ‘The Sexual Offences Act 2003’ apply, which states that any person who intentionally exposes his genitals and intends that someone will see them should be prosecuted for causing alarm and distress to the general public.
  3. However, it’s important to note that these activities mentioned in the previous points can only be considered unlawful if people or residents of the area make a complaint about it.

In order to shoot such scenes, a written application is usually expected where the porn studios are required to state the date, time and location of the shoot while asking for proper permission. The age of the participants should also be mentioned.

So this leaves us with the question – What if you stumble upon such a situation, i.e. end up on either side of the equation? Either as an audience or as a participant? The answers to this question can also be taken as a possible solution.

If you happen to end up as an audience to public sex:-

  • Confront and educate them about the possible outcomes that their actions can lead to should the residents’ make a complaint against them.
  • On a lighter note, you can let the lovebirds do what they want and leave the scene right away. Or you can grab a bucket of popcorn and a shake, and enjoy the show but they might not be too happy about this. Better to assess their response first!

If you happen to end up as a participant:-

  • If you had planned for this, congratulations, your fantasy is finally complete. Hope you have a good lawyer if the state files a complaint against you.
  • If this wasn’t planned, dress up and ask for the audiences’ apology. That’s the best you can do and you probably shouldn't contest it too much, technically you are doing something that could be deemed illegal and land you with a court summons.
  • If you happen to get caught in the 1st base only, you would probably just be cautioned. So chill and just ‘get a room’ guys. Simple. 

There is a reason why ‘RIGHT TO PRIVACY’ is a thing nowadays. Public Sex can be harmless fun for many people, however, some members of the public may or may not agree with this notion. It is important to take many things into consideration and then act sensibly. Probably that’s the reason why we are humans and not horses. Hope you get the meaning. 


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Written by Devashish Bhuyan for Burn the Night