(Clever!) Should Sex Dolls Become Illegal Worldwide?

The emergence of realistic sex dolls has placed the topic at the centre of a worldwide, controversial debate. While the ethical and moral implications should be discussed, we pose the question to our readers; should sex dolls in all forms be made illegal?

Image composition: Burn the Night.

Image composition: Burn the Night.

Have you ever wondered why human beings are the most creative species on earth? Well, placing this self-proclaimed award aside, the only reason I believe this to be case is due to the fact that we can think beyond our imagination and act upon our desires. There is no stopping it. We saw the moon, we conquered it. We looked at Mars... well, wait for 2030. However, imagination is not limited to a certain set of fields. Be it science, the arts or economics, our desire to achieve more and try new, innovative techniques has always blessed us with new wonders. 

The same can be said for the adult industry too. In one of our previous articles, we talked about how sex toys are changing our lives. When it comes to sex toys, the first thought that often comes to mind of many is ‘the saviour of single people’, however, there are also a number of people who have a different opinion on this. What seems to be the most controversial product that has slapped the sex toy industry with criticism is the innovation in regards to Sex Dolls (no, not Barbie dolls). What are your thoughts about sex dolls? Unsure what the dispute is about? This article will help to clarify that. 

Considering some of the bizarre claims that people make while not knowing anything about sex dolls, let me just start by sharing the most subtle definition given by a contributor of the Wikipedia page. It states:

 ‘A sex doll (also love doll or blow-up doll) is a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with face, or just a head, pelvis or other partial body, with the accessories (vaginaanusmouthpenis) for sexual stimulation.’

The sex doll industry is actually on a roll. Plenty of horny nerds with money to blow are actually the ones pumping more money into the market capital of this industry. The only way by which we can come to any conclusion is by weighing out the pros and the cons of of these sex toys. So without beating around the bush, let’s just start by exploring the pros:

* Disclaimer: the pros and cons are arguments provided by those in favour or against sex dolls. Burn the Night and the respective writer do not condone or support these specific notions. We support the freedom of speech and open discussion of the subject matter.

  • Some people do have some unusual or taboo fetishes / fantasies that others may find strange, which can be painful and / or unbearable for their partners. Sex dolls can become the perfect alternative for them to safely enact these fantasies or fetishes.
  • They can be designed to come up with various phrases set or specified by the owner to help get him / her / them in the right mood. 
  • On a lighter note, a person won’t have to worry about the loyalty of their sex doll. She, he or more precisely, IT will be 100% loyal to its owner.
  • There are also many couples who would like to have a ‘threesome’ experience but are afraid of getting less attention, jealous and upset by seeing their partner interact sexually with the third person. Or, it might simply be that they find the act somewhat taboo or too risky. In such cases, a sex doll can act as an alternative to a third person. 
  • Some people claim that the regular use of such toys will lower the number of rape and human trafficking cases. As more and more people get used to such toys becoming more widely available, the lesser risk they would take in the illegal aspects of prostitution and pimping
  • There are indeed several companies who have actually come up with ‘child sex dolls’ in order to counter the problem of child sexual abuse. As I mentioned in the very first point, some people have taboo fantasies and some believe this could prevent would-be sex offenders from acting against a real child. This is probably the most controversial aspect of sex dolls and the most hotly contested. 
  • Humans are not perfect, and so neither are our ‘living’ partners (had to mention it). However, a sex doll can be customised in whichever way you want it to be. You can customise the face, body shape, skin tone, hair and what not. It’s just like choosing the toppings for your pizza. 

So apart from these pros, now we need to discuss the darker side of this developing technology. Many people have raised alarming concerns for the usage of such sex dolls. Many activists have even come up with a proposal for a complete ban on the advertisement and news coverage of such toys as doing so gives this particular industry ‘unnecessary free marketing’. However, we feel it's important to address the potential issues and give people the opportunity to weigh things up for themselves. So what are the cons?

  • The 'perfect' customisation of sex dolls can raise the expectation bar of the people using them so high that it can eventually disappoint them when they try to engage in the same activites with their actual ‘living’ partners. Living partners do have their own preferences, emotions and rights. They feel pain, unlike the sex doll that can take it all without objection.
  • If child sex dolls were made available, it would encourage paedophiles to act out their sexual fantasies with a product made in the image of a minor. Some psychologists would argue that exercising and acting upon such desires could increase their likelihood to one day offend against an actual child. Same goes for other potentially dangerous or harmful fantasies that are enacted with adult sex dolls. 
  • Sex dolls do objectify people in a very superficial way. Everything about them is supposed to be aesthetically perfect in the eyes of their owner. However, in actual life, humans are not perfect. So anyone who has been in prolonged contact with a sex doll can subject their friends or potential love interests to body shaming, racial discrimination and what not.
  • People who are using sex dolls may start expecting more from them than just sex. Emotion and Intimacy are the attributes that they might be looking for. However, this can lead to a uni-directional bond with a freaking machine and since machines cannot reciprocate with a ‘human touch’, the behaviour pattern of the ones using them can be affected. This can indeed affect the way they interact with other humans. 
  • There are also many concerns with the technical development of sex dolls. Equipping sex dolls with ‘artificial intelligence’ is yet another bold move to consider. The whole debate of ‘AI’ is in itself so controversial. Exposing and subjecting it to something as complicated as sex and relationships doesn’t seem like the right way to start off. 
  • Sex Dolls can be connected to the Internet as an add-on feature. If done so, hacking into the system will be a piece of cake for the low lives of the internet. Their physical motions could be then controlled with just a click of a button. Do I need to mention more?

Some people believe that sex dolls are a new product; however, the fact is they have been around for years now. It is just that they are getting more and more realistic with every new generation.

The introduction of ‘childlike’ sex dolls in the industry has stirred up new controversies. In the UK, many authorities have actually made it illegal to import any child-looking sex doll. There are also people who are asking to make all sex dolls completely illegal as they believe these sex toys are corrupting minds. 

Every individual is different and so will be the conclusion for every single one of you. It totally depends on how you view sex dolls and their uses. We have highlighted many of the pros and cons that are usually brought forward and now, it’s up to you to make a balance sheet and decide whether or not it would be suitable for you. It's always cool to try out new technologies; however, in the midst of doing so, it is important to stay connected with who you are and what you are. Don't forget what it means to be human and to experience human connection.


Written by Devashish Bhuyan for Burn the Night

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