Solar Eclipse; Emotional Baggage and Sexual Confidence

I know, you're probably wondering how does emotional baggage and sexual confidence correlate with today's full solar eclipse? If you're aware of astrological significances in terms of it's effects on us humans, then you may already know what's coming, if not this should be insightful. 

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses have always attracted a large gathering of people; visually it's quite a spectacular sight, well for short duration you can look at it with sunglasses on that is! (It's not advisable to stare at it for too long and definitely not at all without sunglasses or purpose-made shades). The dramatic change in lighting across the skies that creates a magical twilight atmosphere coupled with the joining of the sun and moon for the brief moment is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Although it has to be said, it's that in which you don't see that is of particular interest where we are concerned.

As Einstein would have told you, "everything is energy" and that includes us. We don't realise just how much we are impacted by the energies surrounding us. Of course, we know that if people have toxic energy and are constantly bringing negative vibes to the table, it starts to bring us down also. It's no different with the cosmic environment, as astrological activity can also have a profound impact on us.

For example, back in the victorian era, it was common for those suffering from mental illnesses to be classed as 'lunatics', simply because it was commonly believed at the time by the public and health professionals alike, that the full moon would play havoc on a person's psyche (particularly for those who were considered to be susceptible or somewhat vulnerable) and would reach a point where it would induce mania. While we know this is not accurate, we have learnt something useful from this. That the full moon does in fact have some effect on the majority of us to varying degrees. After all, the tides of the sea change with the different phases of the moon and we are largely made up of water ourselves.

People can become more emotionally and sexually engaged during the time of a full moon, this can effect women to a greater extent due to menstruation cycles and changes in hormone levels. The sun however, is always associated with an 'upbeat, feel good' energy, overall positivity and oneness. It is linked to the heavens and various deities throughout many religious as for land-dwellers, it is often the ultimate symbol for divinity. When you combine these two energies, it can be a powerful force in terms of re-evaluating the old and embracing the new. Shedding past sorrows and ties that in which no longer serves you in pursuit for new, positive outcomes. It's the perfect time to draw a line in the sand, state what it is that you wish to pursue and take steps towards achieving that. In terms of confidence, self-worth and sexuality, if you require an overhaul of your self image, this is a time where you can start to really look into those insecurities. You can begin to transform how you feel and how you treat yourself but investing in you, whether it's through meditation, clean-eating, exercise, dressing how you wish to etc. The mind and spirit plays a huge role in our perception, if we can channel that energy and embrace those changes, you will see them manifest.

So what is it that you wish to attract into your life during this solar eclipse?


Written by Brenda Adiyiah for Burn the Night

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