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It's been a little while but we're back with a fresh new feature! This particular service brought us further east, as we conversed with a spokesperson for Poland based sex tech company Spotlive. What is Spotlive you ask? Only a pioneering webcam and sex chat platform!

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Last week we caught up with a Spotlive spokesperson to get the inside scoop on what exactly makes SpotLive different from other platforms and why it's existence could mean the start of something new where webcam chats are concerned.

Hi and thank you for taking part in our latest spotlight feature. Let's start with Spotlive's entry into the adult world. Could you tell us how and when Spotlive began? 

Our history begins 3 three years ago, here in Poland. Jacob Michalak, CEO of Spotlive, was working on his in-house software and creative agency. It was at a time where the one and only webcam chat in Poland launched and started to gain popularity and generate a big buzz around it. A lot of people wanted to create exactly the same type of website and make money from that. However, not one of them expected that the costs of creating and running such a site would be so high. As a result, everyone gave up. Everyone, except for Jacob. He realised that he had a lot of information about it, access to several developers, few graphic designers (in fact he was one of them) and the most important aspect of all - a pure vision of how a service like this should look.

It took us almost two years to do the research, gain any information (which is very difficult when it comes to adult) and discover this market. We took a look at popular domains, noticed many blind spots and figured out that we are able to improve it. Soon after that we met VC and business angels from Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Warsaw and convinced some of them to fund our idea. That's how SpotLive came into creation.

Brilliant, creative solutions is a big part of what we do here at Burn the Night so, it's always fantastic to see others investing time into problem solving by utilising their skills. After all, that's how change occurs and industries improve.


So what was the main purpose of starting the company?

The reason, the vision and the main idea was to reinvent, reinterpret and revision all the stigma, stereotypes and misconceptions about this form of communication - the sex chat.

First of all, we want to make websites like this sexy again. It’s not hard to notice that the large part of adult websites have one thing in common - overall ugliness. They’re badly-designed, filled with ads and annoying pop-ups. It’s not a pleasant environment to chat with others, watch them, flirt and enjoy the time. It simply makes you feel like a disturbed pervert because of all hideous visuals surrounding the site. This is a popular stigma that we want to fight to make sex finally more social and perhaps also more mainstream. We are continuously searching for better quality, friendlier customer experiences and simply making every aspect of human interaction via digital services better.

The second issue we want to improve is a bad condition of a whole market: faceless companies, limited contact between users or creators and the websites' customer service teams, frauds and lack of clear, transparent rules when it comes to co-operation with performers (eg. commissions, payments, legalities). All in all, it has an impact on users also because they don’t get a real experience that is worth their money. 

Sadly, we have to agree. There are a number of operations that aren't taking these key factors into account before launching. As such, the market is oversaturated with untrustworthy sites that have minimal to no branding and far too many ads. This is a big problem and it's great to see that there are new adult platforms aiming to combat this issue.

We know that Spotlive was founded in Poland. Out of curiosity, who are your target audience? What countries and languages do you operate in? 

We are incorporated in the USA, but our headquarters is located in Poland, Europe. Our target audience is the USA. The American market seems to be the one where cam sites are so popular and people use them openly so often. We’ve got also a lot of visitors from India, Canada and from Europe - Poland, France, Slovakia, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. 

We created Spotlive for everyone who uses cam websites but is looking for a better experience than they can get on an average cam site. Those who desire to choose products only in the best quality, based on innovation and constant development. Finally: products providing a possibility to empower the new online experience. 

That's great news! Certainly for our readers; of which many are located throughout Europe and the US. 

Founder & CEO Jacob Michalak. Photo credit: Spotlive.

Founder & CEO Jacob Michalak. Photo credit: Spotlive.


In terms of the service itself, how does it work? What are the unique features of the site / app?

Spotlive streams live chats created by amateur, webcam models. This is an online experience for adults who want to have a video chat with people from all around the world. It’s a free website for everyone, it doesn't require any ID or credit card. If you decide to join the community, after sign up, you will be able to chat with models, tip them by giving them tokens (a virtual currency), take part in the private chat and follow your favourite members.

In opposition to many other currently-used cam websites, Spotlive pays close attention to design. It’s clear, undisturbed by ads, simple and hopefully - beautiful. It’s kinda like an Apple devices: a beauty on the outside, a beast in the inside. ;-)

It connects real members and creates a real environment for them. The content you see is 100% real. We do not use any affiliation programs (which allows streaming on many websites at the same time), we do not have looped videos or fake channels (where you are not chatting with a model, but with a moderator in fact). We guarantee only one to one experiences.

Spotlive have rebuilt filtering system and mobility. The technology we use allows our streaming on various platforms like PS4, XBOX or Smart TVs.

Wow, that's forward thinking in a nutshell! With so many different mobile devices and console types on the market, it makes sense to create compatibility with them. It's also evident that authenticity plays a huge role in the way your service operates. 


Going back to the topic of the adult industry itself, what do you think needs to change when it comes to cam sites?

First of all, the adult industry needs to stop using outdated solutions. They should also change a bit their business model. They are focusing only on high traffic meaning their goal is to push as many people as they can through their website to display as many adverts as they possibly can. But just look how YouTube is doing it - they focus on creators which are rewarded for good or popular content. Our strategy is very similar.

In our opinion, the best thing that could happen to adult industry (and cam websites) is an open conversation. It will show how many different points of view there are, how differently we think about the same business, how we handle the stigma around it and it could possibly uncover our needs and wishes. If this took place, we would have the perfect opportunity to join forces to create the best solutions; both for creators and users. 

I couldn't agree more, which is in part why our IGNITE platform exists; to bring innovative businesses and individuals such as yourself to the attention to like-minded individuals in the industry, those in others who may have an interest and of course new audiences.


Finally, what are your hopes for the future of Spotlive? Any exclusive info / news?

Our ambition is to create a true media company which will work like Youtube. It means it will contain the creations of the people for the people. The future plan for 2017 / 2018 is an extension of the main tools of the key features that ensure market leadership and to finish products that would help improve creators skills and help them distribute and sell their content to mainstream media platforms. Currently the product is at the stage of beta tests.

That could be incredible for the industry and a rather exciting project for your team. Do keep us in the loop as we would love to share your news with our audience. Thank you for joining us, it was a very informative and productive discussion. 


We are living in uncertain but extremely profound times. Innovation, creativity and problem solving are key factors that are paving the way for the new generation of pioneers and social entrepreneurs. While the established industry has created a legacy and foundation, it is up to new businesses to bring new approaches and ideas to the table in order to fully integrate adult with day to day lifestyle. The truth is, none of us can effectively do this entirely alone but together, by creating a great support network, we can begin to change the way the world views social media, sex, adult entertainment and technology. In the words of Mattie Stephanek "Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

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