The Toxic Nature of Racial Play and Fetishisation

Should sexualised racism be tolerated in any circumstance? What are the effects of racial fetishisation on society? 

Photo credit: ROC Canals Photography

Photo credit: ROC Canals Photography

More often than not, racial play is nothing more than a symptom of systematic, socio-economic racism. While most of us strike for equality and respect towards all regardless of sex, gender, race, cultural background or sexuality, there are of course those who have no issue with such discrimination.

When it comes to sex, there two things that matter most: consent and safety. While the concept of racial play in such an intimate and somewhat emotionally vulnerable situation to many is abhorrent, there are those who enjoy this kind of interaction. 

It is not unreasonable to suggest that racial fetishisation or a fixation of this sort comes from the observation of systematic racism over many years. That or the lack of multiculturalism in communities. 

Social inequality and divide couldn't be anymore evident. Even now, we are bombarded with news reports of how Caucasian police officers in the US are killing innocent African Americans. 

Now, in London we hearing that there has been in increase in street crime and stabbings in particular, of which two incidents in one week alone proved to be fatal. As a result, where will the eyes of the media and the public look to for scrutiny and blame? The black youth, which is already occurring. 

From the observance of systematic racism, prejudiced views and stereotyping of different ethnic groups manifests in various ways, sex being one of them. 

Thankfully, I myself have not been in situation where I have had to deal with racism in the bedroom. Though, I have been hounded and fetishised by one or two men who had an obsession with dating a 'mixed race woman', or rather girl as I were at that time. 

The bottom line is if two consenting adults enjoy such interactions while being intimate, there's nothing anyone else can say. The private affairs of adults should remain as such. However, when such interactions are filmed and put online for the purpose of 'entertainment', this becomes a different matter.

The adult industry is still, sadly, rife with racial fetishisation and racism. Unless you are white / caucasian you will be stereotyped purely by race. If you're a black or mixed race guy, you're going in the BBC section. If you're a black or mixed race girl, you're going in Ebony. 

What you find within these categories of porn also, is this set dynamic which again comes from the glamorisation of systematic racism. It's cringeworthy how many adult films focusing on POC, especially involving mostly or all black performers, use the 'hood' and the wannabe gangsta lifestyle as a backdrop. 

The interracial category is just as bad, if not even worse. Black guys with the biggest dicks around will be filmed having sex with dainty white women. Projecting the idea that only really hung, muscular black men can be attractive and get away with doing the unthinkable... having sex with a white woman. 

In such scenarios, they are often coupled with cuckolding scenes. The uninspiring husband comes home to find his beautiful, lustful wife being pounded by a muscular, black stranger. At which point the husband is forced to observe and is often belittled.

This also plays on the underlying pretence that a lot of the racism towards black males in particular, comes from an inferiority complex. Similar to the 'Alpha Male' obsession.

Prejudices also apply to Asian women (notice that in the US it's always an Asian woman and never a male). They are always portrayed as small, dainty, young and ultra submissive. Another detrimental stereotype.

It's sad that as performer, you will be type-casted and expected to play out these types of roles based purely on your ethnicity. Not only is discriminatory and derogatory, but it robes people of producing scenes that could captivate a wider audience. 

Ultimately, I believe this is what makes it hard for many individuals from other ethnic groups to take to Western mainstream adult entertainment quite as readily. India is one of the biggest countries for porn consumption, but also has a flourishing underground porn scene of it's own. 

If the adult industry wants mainstream support, it's going to need to make some serious changes, especially at time where social groups are becoming more diverse and the sex-positive movement is past such archaic ideologies. 


Written by Brenda Adiyiah for Burn the Night

In association with Rose Talks Sex

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