Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos of 2017!

Each year our senses are sent wild with fresh, new music videos that are creative, adventurous and often... sexy as hell! Which made our ultimate list of the top 10 sexiest music videos of 2017?

Screenshot. Video credits: Young Money; Cash Money Records; FREENJOY Inc; Across Media Production.

Screenshot. Video credits: Young Money; Cash Money Records; FREENJOY Inc; Across Media Production.

The are so many singles from this year alone that deserve a mention, however we had to narrow it down to the top 10 that were the raunchiest, boldest or simply just pleasing to the eye!

If you're not drooling all over yourself by the time you reach the end of the list, you deserve a medal in the world's first Composure awards... or potentially need an eye exam... I'm not sure which the case might be.


1. Jason Derulo - Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)

While the video is pure eye-candy (literally) it’s the super sexy dance moves and Nicki Minaj’s killer performance that made the entire video smoking hot! This video has the highest number of views in our list with more than 874 Million views and 4 Million likes. The video was ranked among the top 40 in the Billboard charts with its peak position reaching as high as 20. 


2. Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

Redefining the definition of the ‘new sexy’, this video quickly climbed by grabbing more than 702 Million views with a whopping 6 Million likes. The first week’s sales broke the highest record so far by selling more than 353,000 units. Taylor Swift in this video is in another level of pure, hedonistic chaos which makes the scenes even hotter. 


3. Becky G – Mayores (Official Video) ft. Bad Bunny

As if the latin dancehall track wasn't hot enough, BeckyG is absolutely smoking in the video and plays the part to a T! The music video has it all - the bad bitch (in an empowering, taking no shit kind of way) and a touch of BSDM, all of which, making it furiously sexy. No doubt this will account for the video getting more than 612 Million views and 2 Million likes. Me gusta! 


4. Katy Perry - Bon Appétit (Official) ft. Migos

This music video is altogether a new concept on how sexiness should be portrayed, in a form of ‘FOOD'! Yeah right, FOODGASM. With more than 387 Million views and 2 Million likes, it hit the No. 1 position on the Billboard Charts and Twitter Trending as soon as the music video was released. It seems like we aren't the only ones that are all about the food.


5. Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

Remember that annoying phrase from 2016 that everyone was posting on their statuses? So do we - unfortunately. However, we can forgive Demi this one time as the vibe of the track and music video is just pure fun! The video is a great fusion of raw-style house party footage and her amazingly sexy dance style. Released on 19 July 2017, the video has since racked up a whopping 225 Million views with 2 Million likes. It had also earned a place in the top 7 Billboard chart (Position 6, last week). 


6. Fifth Harmony – He Like That 

Released on 25th August 2017, the video has managed to draw more than 50 Million views and more than 660k likes. The music video held a firm position in the top 20 in the Brazilian Charts for 2 weeks. Apart from the the stunning girl group themselves, what is even sexier than the track, is the music video filled with sexy dance moves, all executed with flawless perfection.


7. Ariana Grande - Everyday ft. Future

The very foundation of this music video has been built upon ‘Public Sex’ which is by far voted the most interesting form of sex. And hence, the video got more than 94 Million views with 1 Million likes, the lyric video also got more than 110 million views and 1 million likes. The track made its way to the top 100 Billboard charts with peak position at 55. As for the video; it's fun, raunchy as hell and doesn't take itself too seriously. Definitely worth a watch!


8. Nicki Minaj - Regret In Your Tears

Apart from the fact that we get to see Nicki Minaj all drenched in wet clothes, there is a high possibility that the visuals may make you wet too. Released on 5th May 2017, the video has got more than 11 Million views and 274k likes. Impressively, with this music video, she broke the all-time record of the highest number of entries in the top 100 Billboard charts by any artist. 


9. Trey Songz – Animal

The video is all about how sexy is the life of Dan Bilzerian. It has got everything from girls to booze and action too. With more than 21 Million views and 165k likes, the music video made its way to the top of the party music genre. And yes, there is a lot of booty on show and twerking too.


10. Hailee Steinfeld - Most Girls

The fact sexiness is not just bound to the amount of skin on show, this music video is by far the most beautiful and powerful mention on our list. Hailee's portrayal of self worth, confidence and just being yourself is truly sexy! The music video has more than 95 Million views and 1 million likes. It has also been recommended by Superwoman a.k.a Lily Singh as the best video for women empowerment.


Ta-da! That concludes our collection of the sexiest music videos of 2017. Since everyone has different taste in music and art, it is possible that you might disagree with our choice of selection.

With that said, we are giving you the chance to list your top 10 sexiest music videos of 2017. Go ahead and write them in the comment section below. The best suggestions will be shared on our social media channels! We look forward to viewing your faves.


Written by Devashish Bhuyan for Burn the Night