Top 4 Romantic Winter Accommodations in Europe

'Tis the season to be... sexy! Looking for a great winter getaway just for you and your partner? Look no further! We have found some of the most amazing accommodations for a romantic, last-minute winter holiday.


While everyone falls asleep into mugs of hot chocolate and weep over the loss of the summer, you could be planning the most romantic winter getaway. Resign yourself to a season long hibernation fest or get out there and see some incredible sights with your partner? The choice is yours...

If you are thinking about a short break, take a look at these BTN star picks!


Icehotel Sweden

1. Icehotel - Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

If you're a lover of unusual destinations and worldly sights like us, it's highly likely that you would have heard of the coolest accommodation on the planet... literally. We are, of course, talking about the Icehotel! The incredible concept hotel has been making waves since its first opening in 1989. While it's been around for a long time and offers a whole new reimagining each year, over the last few years it's become particularly popular with travel enthusiasts from all over the world. The Icehotel even plays host to Nordic style weddings! The hotel is made up of both warm and cold rooms. During your visit, you can spend your nights sleeping in a luxurious room made out of ice! It is recommended that visitors spend at least one night in one of the warm rooms and bring thermal sleepwear for obvious reasons. There's also an ice bar where you can hang out and drink in super cool style. If you work in the arts, this hotel is literally a designer's dream. The architecture and interior design is rather impressive and truly beautiful. If you're looking for a unique experience, we recommend checking out the website


kakslauttanen arctic resort finland

2. kakslauttanen Arctic Resort - Saariselkä, Finland

This resort also ranks highly on my list of places to visit, the Arctic Resort in Kakslauttanen not only offers stunning views of the Northern Lights from your very own igloo or log chalet, but it also has a whole range of activities that you can participate in such as the reindeer, husky and snow mobile safaris, snowboarding, skiing, horse riding and more. If you want a magical, winter getaway with a real Christmas vibe, this has to be the perfect location! 


Svinøya Rorbuer Lofoten Norway

3. Svinøya Rorbuer - Lofoten, Norway

If you're an adventurous couple who love to immerse themselves into nordic culture and explore old towns with stunning, picturesque views, you may wish to spend some time in Lofoten. The area is known for it's old fishing ports, incredible beautiful views of the Northern Lights over the sea and it's quaint little converted accommodations. The places to stay in Lofoten are less grandiose than the Icehotel or Arctic Resort, but if you love simple beauty, traditional style and a cosy atmosphere, Svinøya Rorbuer is an excellent choice. Activities wise, in Lofoten there's horse riding tours, arctic surfing, kayaking, fishing, sailing and more. 


Blaue Gans Salzburg Austria

4. Blaue Gans - Salzburg, Austria

Upon first seeing the rooms of this hotel, I instantly fell in love with it. It just had to be added it to the list. The Blaue Gans hotel is incredibly stylish and modern in it's minimalist interior design yet the designers have managed retain its vintage charm from it's early years. The company self describes as 'authentic, grounded and unpretentious', which is exactly what I like to see from any brand! Particularly as it's so embedded into the Art scene in Salzburg. What's also great about this setting is that it nicely contrasts the traditionalist style of many of the Unesco heritage sites, monuments and churches of Salzburg. The town is known to be a fantastic destination for those who enjoy Christmas markets and winter festivals. The nightlife is also known to be vibrant and very active as well as being home to world renowned breweries. If you're looking for a celebratory affair that you can take at your own pace, Salzburg fits the bill. 


There you are! 4 of the most wintery and stunning places to visit in Europe. There are so many destinations to choose from, so if you have any other recommendations, we would love to share it with our readers! Simply comment in the box below.

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Written by Brenda Adiyiah for Burn the Night