Totalitarianism Threatens to Undermine Modern Feminism

2018: A time of radical leftist movements and alt-right clashes. While many understand and respect the true spirit of feminism, a dangerous extremist ideology is rising from the ranks of today's feminist activists. 

Photo: Monica Melton.

Photo: Monica Melton.

Not only are the general public and supporters of different schools of thought are fighting with the ultra-feminists, many feminists are also feeling the tension between the old school and the radicalised. 

Sadly, we have reached a point where sending harsh, vulgar insults and death threats via social media has become the norm. The reason? Purely due to the fact that people have a difference of opinion and so have different lifestyles. 

While I'll be the first to admit that I have had political and sociological disagreements with users online, to think that some people are willing to threaten the safety of others because of this is mind-blowing.

A clear example of such verbal conflict I witnessed over the past few weeks was in the run up to the abortion vote in Ireland. Naturally, having a friend or two on Facebook who are feminist and were actively campaigning for these rights, I got a small glimpse into the whole affair. 

There were heated debates going back and forth, cries of immorality and injustice coming from both sides of the argument - but unsurprisingly, the only people who taking the disagreement into dangerous waters were several of the pro-lifers. 

Shockingly, I saw comments from women supporting the pro-choice movement stating that they were receiving death and rape threats via Facebook messenger as well as people verbally attacking them and threatening their safety on the comments section of their posts.

It just goes to show that we are still a distance away from finding a peace resolution between groups, regardless of the outcome of the vote. 

What makes things even tougher, is the fact that feminism in itself is becoming compartmentalised. It's fragmented. The cause is the same as always; there are those who wish to see equal rights for all, and then there are the extremists who believe they are superior over any others and believe their rights need to be, not only met, but be above the threshold of any others. 

The fact that such a faction even exists in feminism is absurd; it completely undermines everything that the movement was built upon and stood for. Instead, this far-left form of feminism is breeding a new kind of hatred towards all those who aren't in favour of their extreme ideology. As such, these individuals are receiving a strong negative reaction back. 

I have seen such feminists threaten female adult performers and blame those who have been subjugated to sexual assault and online harassment simply for being in the industry.

Still, they protest against victim blaming, providing of course your job doesn't involve modelling or sex work, otherwise you're on your own. The same people that are hyping up the #metoo movement and demonising the male perpetrators of Hollywood. 

I've also seen individuals praising the fact that Grid Girls will no longer be in employment because to be a grid model is 'degrading and sexualising women'.

Shouldn't a less dogmatic solution have been explored first? Wouldn't it have been more reasonable to discuss with the agencies and corporations how these women are presented to the audience and to those involved in the races?

It could have been a good opportunity to make grid modelling more inclusive and less stereotyped. However, instead of creating more opportunities, it took them away.

I also found it troubling that some of those who call themselves 'radical feminists' were attacking men and male celebrities who had come forward about being sexually harassed or assaulted when the #metoo social movement came in to the spotlight.

It would seem that such individuals were not concerned about the overall tolerance on the systematic abuse of power and how that affected different individuals. Only that this was happening to women.

So what about children? There have been countless reports of child trafficking rings being exposed in every corner of the world, some involving the elite of the elite... and yet as the media was as quick to sweep it under the carpet, as it was to publish some of these stories - no-one pursued it further. 

It's sickening that celebrities who have come forward to inform the world of the horrific sexual abuse in Hollywood that involves many child stars are not getting the same level of support or protection as the women who are coming forward to report sexual harassment. 

It's not very difficult to see the numerous double standards employed by extreme feminists. It just goes to show that polarisation is an incredibly dangerous thing that threatens to underpin society as a whole. 

The fact is extremism comes in all forms; it can be seen in every social group. The diversity of opinion, cultural backgrounds and lifestyles isn't the issue, it's extremism and imposing such ideologies on everyone else that is. 

While people obsess over a label and promote segregation, the masses completely miss the social and financial wrong-doings by the few who stand to gain everything from such turmoil. The idea is to keeping everyone too busy fighting amongst themselves than to see the bigger picture and what's truly at stake i.e. freedom of speech, movement, human rights, civil rights, privacy etc.

So what's the solution? Usually the most sane and rational way to approach something tends to lie straight down the middle. As a whole, we need to start looking at things objectively if we wish to progress rather than continue down a path of self-destruction. 

Without sugar coating it, we need to get a grip on reality and start communicating like the sentient beings that are we rather than reacting without thought and skewing things far out proportion. 

It's obvious that we've caused enough destruction already, maybe it's about time we started to build instead?


Written by Brenda Adiyiah for Burn the Night

In association with Rose Talks Sex


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