More Than Just Aesthetics 

For some time now, it's become widely known that all product images and advertising visuals are retouched and creatively produced to ensure eye-catching, consumer appeal. Whilst at times it can spark controversy, it is generally accepted that everything we see tends to undergo some tweaking. Burn the Night not only provides basic and extensive retouching to ensure a clean, colour-correct product, but also to enhance the natural charm so that the finished article is also representative of your product or service. We like to find the perfect balance between what is polished and what is organic. We are also able to create bespoke digital art that will wow your viewers who have a particular fondness for composites and mainstream movie style visuals.

Pricing varies as with all of our services, depending on the individual requirements of each project. Whether it's a model or product, we will always ensure that you receive the best results and to specification. BTN always provides a free consultation prior to working on any digital retouching project. It is essential for us to have a strong grasp of the aesthetics you wish to achieve with your product or brand. With a digital brush stroke here and a blemish removal there, Cinderella will make it to the ball after all!