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What do we offer?

Burn the Night provides one-to-one consultations, creative business solutions and publishing opportunities through our social networks and press release distribution platform. As an independent services provider, we have the opportunity and luxury of tailoring invaluable solutions to professionals and small to medium sized businesses. By aligning our services with your business, you can expect to see drastic improvements in your sales and marketing efforts.

The way customers view businesses has changed. 

At a time where collaboration reigns over competition; employing storytelling techniques and establishing an engaging audience are the main courses of action in order to bridge the consumer - retailer gap. We strongly believe in the power of teamwork, and so we keep an open communication line with our clientele in order to create the best consumer experiences.

We have the fuel to ignite the flame. 



What type of businesses do our services apply to?

Our tailored services accommodate numerous business operations within retail and leisure sectors.

Burn the Night clientele are largely proactive in Entertainment, Music and Fashion industries, though all are welcome to benefit from our bespoke services. Whether you have a service, product or project, we will craft the perfect package to ensure your brand receives nothing short of VIP treatment. 

See below for examples of the types of businesses, sole traders and service providers that we work with.

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How can we help your business? 

As previously mentioned, Burn the Night will go above and beyond to ensure our clients are receiving the best customer service and gain access to all new products. In order to provide our VIP service, Burn the Night Support includes:




The Ignition

By Creators For Creators

Burn the Night is a multi-disciplinary creative services provider founded by Brenda Adiyiah. Our extensive history in numerous sectors provides us with the ultimate advantage. We have already worked with a number of high profile individuals and businesses within the realms of Entertainment and Retail. We aim to be far more than your average PR or digital marketing service by continuously researching and developing new ways to make your business the market leader it deserves to be.

Regardless of business size, sector or project size, our modus operandi remain the same: to deliver excellence, be consistent and support creative innovation. 

Thinking outside of the box is a given, however through social entrepreneurship and philanthropic problem solving, we aim to assist in the growth of this new movement.

The Founder

Brenda Adiyiah
Brenda Adiyiah

Brenda Adiyiah was born in 1989 in South-East London, England. As a child, her interests were firmly set in the Arts. Her passions included Drama, Art, Dance and Creative Writing. Whilst attending secondary school, it became even more apparent that her creative passions lent towards English Language and Literature, Contemporary Dance and Art and Design; all of which she studied and completed with high grades for her GCSEs. Brenda then went on to a sixth-form college in Essex and continued her studies in Contemporary Dance, Graphic Design, Fine Art and Psychology.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, Brenda began developing her portfolio as a freelance model. From there she spent two years studying BSc Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology. Additionally, Brenda worked in the Mental Health Care sector for a year and a half across varying levels and types of Mental Health Units.

All the while, operating under the model alias of Demari Vi Syth, Brenda gained popularity among alternative, fine art and dance photographers, painters, digital artists and the attention of commercial brand representatives.

Brenda also ran a bespoke digital retouching service; Anima Retouch primarily catering for Commercial, Fashion, Beauty and Glamour; supported by the Prince's Trust in 2010.

During her time as a model, Brenda had developed a natural flair for make-up artistry and worked with numerous fashion photographers, publications and model test shoots for NEVS, BMA and Samantha Bond 'new faces'.

During her expansive creative career, Brenda has worked with numerous brands including MTV One, Toni & Guy London, Scuzz TV, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Kaizo Salon, Make Up Store, Flavour Magazine, FashionGH TV and more. Publication features include XO Magazine, Dreamingless, HairIdeas Magazine, InDesign, Rion Magazine, numerous online publications and even modelling latex and lingerie for Torture Garden's April 2014 Ball and boutique catwalk events.

Over the last 9 years, Brenda has developed her skills in digital media, business and editorial services and continues to evolve whilst working on client and personal projects.

The Ethos

At the heart of Burn the Night

The rebels with a cause, a passion for success, a desire for results and the drive for innovation.
— Brenda Adiyiah, 2017
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