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You have the spark. We have the ignition. 

Time to trail-blaze.

Learn more about our services to catapult your business into 2018 and beyond. All of our services include BTN customer support, cross-channel promotion through BTN social channels and discounts on additional services.


Digital Marketing

A coherent digital marketing strategy has become a business necessity. Together, we will create a purpose-built blueprint that reflects your brand. Our marketing services includes the following: 

  • Social Media accounts set-up and management.

  • Content planning and scheduling.

  • Social Media campaigns.

  • Business auto-messages.

  • Online community building.

  • Paid social advertising.

  • Virtual customer service assistance.

  • Analytics monitoring.

  • Email Marketing campaigns.

  • Subscriber management.

  • Influencer marketing.


Affiliate marketing

Many online sellers worldwide have seen record sales through such web funnels. Burn the Night selects the best products to offer both our existing and newly targeted audiences.

  • Questionnaires and surveys.

  • Promotional landing pages.

  • Social Media advertising.

  • Email Marketing campaigns.

  • Increasing and redirecting traffic.

  • Paypal compatible discount codes.

  • Competitive commission rates.

  • Web advertising.

  • Influencer marketing.




Emotive writing offers businesses the means to convey powerful messages that will captivate or intrigue their audience. Copywriting has become a highly sought after skill, and with good reason.

  • Brand identity and information.

  • Email Marketing campaigns.

  • Content marketing.

  • Editorials for third-party publication.

  • Blog postings.

  • Press Releases.

  • Advertising.

  • Contracts, Agreements and Legal copy.

  • E-books and online guides.

Excellent communication provides a strong foundation to build upon. From this, much can be achieved. 

Visual Content.jpg

Visual Content

The art of content creation is already taking the business world in a new direction. Aesthetics, consistency, purpose and authenticity are the factors that audiences expect from any brand. Burn the Night have the means to create such content on your behalf.

  • Photography for print and web.

  • Digital Art for print and web.

  • Graphic Design for print and web.

  • Video filming and editing.

Free up valuable time and take advantage of our creative resources to bring fresh content to your platforms. 

Digital Retouching.jpg

digital retouching

Digital retouching is part art, part science. Using various techniques, charts and brushes, you can turn a raw photograph into a stunning masterpiece. Almost every commercial image is edited in order to bring the image to life.

  • Basic clean-up and blemish removals.

  • Colour correction and grading.

  • Removal of unwanted digital artefacts.

  • High end beauty retouching.

  • Cinematic photo composites.

  • Stylised photo effects.

  • Fantasy photo manipulation.

Providing that the images are of high resolution, our retouching service is perfect for both print and web.

Public Relations.jpg

public relations

Quality PR has the ability to make a brand. Maintaining a strong, positive reputation and success requires on-going open dialogue and support. There are several avenues that we can explore to best attract the right audience and create lasting buzz.

  • Press releases and statements.

  • News and press release distribution.

  • Written interviews.

  • Formatted podcasts.

  • Influencer marketing.

  • Storytelling campaigns.

  • Articles and features.

  • Online community building.

  • Web events.

  • Social monitoring.

Event Journalism.jpg

event Journalism

Organising and managing an event is a great way to open your doors to new prospective customers, grow your audience and increase brand interest. In order to maintain it's momentum, media coverage is essential. That's where we come in.

  • Social live-streaming.

  • Voice recordings.

  • Video recording.

  • Press photography.

  • Online reviews.

  • Press liaison.

  • Attendee follow ups.

Project Management.jpg

project management

Our project management service is perfect for individuals and startups. If you have numerous projects on the go, need consultation for new planning and monitoring methods or simply have too many factors to contend with, we’d be more than happy to help.

Burn the Night provides solutions to simplify processes and to ensure that all projects are carried out methodically, timely and efficiently. We will even create the materials to checklist and communicate each stage with the team, so that no-one is left in the dark. 

Organisation is key. Peace of mind is vital.

Web Management.jpg

Web management

As a member of Squarespace Circle, we can help you to develop and manage your own professional website. As part of this service, you will have access to the following perks:

  • Website set-up and customisation.

  • Back-end access.

  • Support and management.

  • Exclusive hosting discounts.

  • Information from pro support network.

  • Domain registry.

  • CMS inclusion.

  • G-Suite email addresses.